What It Is Wednesday: The Magical Gift of Synchronicity


I love synchronicity, those sudden coincidences or long-growing life-changers that are changes of direction on our life maps and sometimes intersections with something or someone we never dreamed of. If ever there was a Godspark, synchronicity is it.

It’s having your meeting moved unexpectedly to a building you never visit and running into someone you haven’t thought of in years, who has never been in that building until this day and holds the answers to your dilemma.

It’s looking up from the self-check out stand at Winn Dixie at 10 PM to find a colleague from 20 years ago who casually asks if you’d ever work with him again.

It’s parking next to a car you don’t recognize until you get out…and realize you’ve not had lunch with this mentor in ages and she has the perfect advice to give you when you say hello.

It’s having a strange pain in your chest that scares you and then a writer friend on the other side of the country posts on social media about an obscure repetitive stress injury that overworked writers someones get, and your doctor stops all his tests and says, Yes! Yes, that’s it!

It’s being put in a horrible and frustrating situation that allows you to realize how much you like someone you never would have gotten to know had you not been forced very briefly to work on the situation together.

It’s volunteering to help a colleague with a task no one else wants to do–and between the front door and her office, bumping into someone who can help YOU.

It’s the heavy fog that envelops the airport when you don’t know how to get out of a business trip that you feel an inexplicable psychic dread for.

It’s finding out the truth behind a lie 30 minutes before you commit to a mistake that will last a lifetime, because some butt-dialed the wrong person or because your kid saw them in a place that couldn’t otherwise be explained.

It’s telling a friend about a dream you haven’t been able to find the launching pad for and a stranger overhears and put you in touch with someone who can launch that dream for you.

It’s an alignment of the stars, an answer to prayers. It’s the kind of thing that you could never have planned in a million years but it just happens and at exactly the right moment to propel you forward to a new place in your life.

It’s magic and magical and a gift to you that you could never have given yourself.

Synchronicity is the hand of fate stepping in to arrange things in a new pattern.

Key Takeaway: Sometimes, fate, or the higher power you believe in, aligns situations in your favor in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise planned for.


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