Manifesting Your Lover

Why Manifesting a Lover Is Taking So Long

Explore why manifesting a lover may be delayed and uncover insights into the timing of the law of attraction.

If you’re familiar with the law of attraction, you’re probably familiar with the idea of manifesting your lover, as well as riches, power, happiness, etc. Most law of attraction followers I’ve encountered are looking for one of two things: 1. either a romantic partner or 2. financial wealth.

Manifesting a lover sometimes seems to be a rather frantic desire for people. It may also seem that that manifestation is long-delayed, making them feel even more frantic. A vicious cycle, yes.

I was pondering this question recently–“sleeping on it” as it were–when the answer came. The question of “Why won’t my lover hurry up and manifest?” wasn’t a question I’d had on my mind and it wasn’t even a question of my own. Rather, it was a question bouncing around in my head, early in the morning, whilst everyone else was getting ready to go about their day. Not even sure how the question got into my head except for a conversation earlier in the week.

Sometime the night before, I had received a somewhat desperate message from a friend on social media–someone I’ve never met, but we’ve chatted on and off throughout the years. I’d seen the rumblings on Facebook and Google-Plus, working up to his question, but as an empath, I felt the unease behind the repeated posts. His question to me was, “Why won’t my lover hurry up and manifest?” followed by a few somewhat upsetting comments on the state of his life and his future. He had me worried then, and I stayed up until almost dawn talking to him and then worrying some more, unable to sleep. He lives a couple of thousand miles away and I wasn’t sure I’d properly handed him off to his friends nearby.

When I finally felt that I could sleep, I went to bed and left a note for all the people I was to engage with in the morning telling them that I’d had a rough night and intended to sleep in a bit, but I would get with them as soon as I was up, moving around, and feeling human.

By 7:00 in the morning, at just less than three hours of sleep, the messages began to come in. Texts, instant messages, emails, even missed phone calls, one after another. I sent out a few mass reminders that I was fine, but I’d had a bad night and I needed a little more sleep before I could become active during the day and meet up with them. No one was waiting on me to have fun and, supposedly, I could join in at any time, but they all wanted to know where I was and why I wasn’t there already. Sleepily, I answered and then went back to bed.

But the calls didn’t stop. I got up, turned off my phone, and went back to bed again. After the phone calls and then the phone being turned off, eventually they started to drop by, not exactly to check on me, but to find out why I wasn’t ready yet. By the time I’d had almost five hours of sleep, they were banging on the door.

“We’re ready,” they were saying. “Why aren’t you here? What’s taking you so long? Come on! Let’s go!”

I met them at the door–not yet showered, not yet dressed, not yet ready to go out–and I said, “Please, I just need a few more minutes. Just a little more rest. A little more time to get ready before I dive into a new day. Don’t you understand? I’m tired. I’ve had a bad night. I’ve been worried. I need more time.”

“But we’re ready now,” they said. “Come on! Let’s go!”

“I’ll join you in a little while,” I said, “Go on and have fun without me. I’ll be there soon.”

They were exasperated with me. Angry. Frantic. Protesting that they couldn’t understand why it was taking me so long, even though they had no idea of what had happened the night before.

I stumbled back to bed and slept for another hour, but this time, I dreamed and, in my dreams, my friend from the night before said to me, “What’s taking so long? Why isn’t my lover manifesting?”

And somehow, I had my answer.

“Perhaps your lover has had a long night, or a hard time, or for some reason, needs to rest just a little bit longer, needs to prepare just a few more minutes, isn’t quite ready yet but is coming, even though you’re ready now. Go along now and have fun without her. She’ll join you shortly.”

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