What’s Coming Up, What I’m Working On, and Don’t Worry

Hey, Friends:  I wanted to catch you up on what I’ve been up to since I’ve been missing at times this year and have put almost nothing at all into my writing life.  Or at least, nothing that you’ve seen.  I am almost daily dictating new chapters, scenes, and blog posts for future editing.

I’ve been taking some intense classes in the last year AND working some non-writing related projects that take 12-15 hours a day, every day, for weeks at a time.   There’s not much left for time to spend editing or publishing, and it’ll be that way for a while, to some degree.

Here’s what’s coming up:

I am going back through unpublished blog posts from the last several years and now publishing them over the next few months, interspersed with new material written in the present. Some older posts will be a little jarring for close friends, but no worries–they’re nothing to do with my current life concerns.  For various reasons, I could not publish them at the time I wrote them, mainly to do with other people in my life then and how my insights would be perceived.

I have 2 non-fiction books that require just a bit of editing:  one is related to empaths and shielding; and the other is the basic advice I give anyone I mentor in any area of my life.  I’ve also written a memoir about my personal dark night of the soul, which I have yet to edit.   It’s pretty disturbing at times, so I have to be in the right frame of mind (and have the time) to edit it, so it’ll be a while before it comes out.  I also have some fiction on my list to publish, all under a new company with a different focus from my last.  I also have a podcast planned but want to wait until my schedule is more reliable before I launch that.

One of my intentions for the holidays, if I’m able to take any time away from other projects, is to republish my body of works with new covers and in new formats.  That’s second to spending time with loved ones over the next 6 weeks and completing some high-profile, non-writing projects, but I do miss my writer facets.  Sometimes, I even yearn for them.


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