Those Things I Do to Be Healthy and Productive (Part 5)

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Electromagnetic Pulsing

My most serious and, by far, most expensive foray into hacking my sleep has been a small box with a magnet attached called the EarthPulse Sleep-on-Demand unit. Although there’s a new version coming out, I bought the existing version from a dealer on eBay for $500 almost five months ago with a 90-day money back guarantee if I didn’t sleep better. For the past few months, I’ve had the best sleep I can remember so I do intend to keep it, if not upgrade. It’s been well worth the $500 to sleep well and deeply and to wake feeling rested.

I’ve played with it enough to know that better sleep isn’t all in my mind and that an electromagnetic pulsing unit under my mattress is not a simple placebo effect for a fool willing to part with her money. Just a few days ago, I was thinking “I’m sleeping quite well. Maybe the unit isn’t something I really need. Maybe I’m sleeping just fine without it.”

Then I spent the night at my mom’s and forgot to take it with me and was plagued my insomnia all night. I woke groggy and irritated the next morning and was tired for the rest of the day. No thanks. I’ll stick with my EarthPulse.

About a month ago, I had been sleeping well for the previous nights when I had a sudden bad night of insomnia. I was groggy and bitchy all day, angered I had spent $500 for this sleep aid that had been working just great and all of the sudden wasn’t working anymore. Had I become immune to it? Had it quit working?

That night, at bedtime, when I started to set it, I found that the cord from the box to the magnet had come unplugged whereas the plug to the wall was still intact. The box turned on, shone a bright blue, was easily programmed and yet there was no juice going to the magnet so I wasn’t getting any benefit from it. Then I remembered that that day before I’d had a cleaning service in and that part of the area they had cleaned was near that corner of the bed. It was obvious then that the cord had been stepped on and dislodged from the unit. That explained why I had such a terrible night’s sleep. Since then, every night I turn it on, I double check the plugs to make sure that the cord from the wall and the cord to the magnet are both properly plugged in.

Why do I believe that electromagnetic pulses help me to sleep at night?

For two reasons.

Back in the 1990s, I worked in a weapons lab for the Air Force. I negotiated contracts for twinkle-in-the-eye technology including electro-magnetics. Although I’m not an engineer, I was quite fascinated by the technology.

The other reason is related to a former shaman friend with whom I was very close this last year, and some of the things he taught me about meditation and brainwaves. He had been a meditation teacher for so long—decades—that he could easily slip into a meditative state within seconds. Through him, I learned more about how the body’s constant fight-or-flight high megahertz can be brought down in sync with the megahertz of the earth through consistent meditative practice.

As a side note, I also became extremely visually psychic during part of these meditations, to the point where I had to back off. But that’s another story.

The idea behind the EarthPulse, my interpretation of it anyway, is that the human brain will train on whatever electromagnet pulses are going on around it. With all of the electromagnetic/radio frequency pollution unseen in the air around us, our bodies are becoming more attuned to a stressful mode—high megahertz—of all of the electrical, radio, WiFi, etc. frequencies around us. We may not can see it, but it still has a detrimental effect on our health.

The dealer I bought my EarthPulse from recommended that I get rid of my WiFi entirely, use a landline instead of a cell phone, and get rid of as much electronic pollution in the air as possible, at least in my home. While I certainly understand his concerns and agree with them to a great extent, it is, sadly, not feasible for me to get rid of the WiFi in my home even if I did all the things he suggested, plus got rid of the cell phone that is almost always within reach in my waking hours as part of my job. At the northern end of my house there are no less than eight different WiFi networks that I can log onto from the neighbors. At the south end of my house is only one WiFi network from a neighbor, but it’s strong enough to reach the length of my house and theirs.

By sleeping with an EarthPulse under my bed, it acts as a shield against all these other invisible signals in the air that interfere with my body’s stress level and my brain waves. The EarthPulse comes with around eight different sleep settings depending on which program of brain waves will allow me to sleep best. I started with the recommended sleep program for my particular insomnia problems, which was the recovery mode. However, I’ve found that this is effective for me only when I need to take a nap and leaves me a bit agitated when I use it all night.

When I tried sleep mode four, which takes me relatively quickly into delta sleep to help me reach recovery and rejuvenation of the body faster, I found that this program, sleep mode four, actually hurt. It was hard for me to fall asleep with the delta waves and my body felt really tired and achy, as if I were coming down with the flu. I could feel the throbbing of the electromagnetic pulse in every bone of my body.

After about two weeks of experimentation, I settled on sleep mode one, which is where I am now. It starts me in low alpha, which is where I am as I relax myself into sleep, doing a little bit of light meditation and chakra breathing. Then, it steps me down into theta and later into delta, alternating between delta and theta throughout the night before arriving at beta shortly before it’s time for me to wake up. Beta itself helps me to wake. I know precisely when I drop into theta waves because that’s the point in my light meditation where I start seeing flashes of color, but that’s just me.

The other thing I had to experiment with to get to the right level of sleep was the amplitude of the magnet. The magnet is a donut inside a cup with a core that can be unscrewed or tightened and slipped under the mattress or even under the floor beneath the mattress. I started at full-strength everything with the complete configuration and the magnet on the floor underneath my bed and it was far too strong. The current configuration that works for me is the donut inside of the cup and the core unscrewed and removed entirely. I will continue to experiment with the sleep programs in hopes of getting to a point where I can keep it in recovery mode all night which I believe will prove the greatest health benefits.

Another benefit is that I can’t have my phone or computer near the electromagnetic pulses for fear of wiping them out. This means I’m not constantly checking my phone during the night, even if I were inclined to go against the protocols I’ve already set up and mentioned earlier of keeping my phone in a separate room while I sleep.

Another benefit I have yet to check, but it’s on my list, is the change in oxygenation of my blood after using the EarthPulse for 90 days. When I have that information, I’ll add it to this report.

Before I move on to talk about waking light cycles, I’ll pause to discuss meditation and chakra breathing as part of my relaxation and bedtime preparation.


Key Takeaway: Positive energy provides a good night’s sleep.


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