Manifesting desires

Simple Method to Manifest Desires

Discover why simple faith can be more effective in manifesting desires compared to complex methods.

Yeah, everybody talks about manifesting, but who’s actually doing it?

I’m acquainted with a great number of people who adhere to the Law of Attraction, earnest prayer, and/or magick to bring things into their lives that they strongly desire. Some even teach these things and have large followings. Yet it’s surprisingly few, even among teachers, who actually do manifest what they want for themselves. They understand the principles well enough to teach them to others who show success with their teachings, but still, they struggle in private.

Some are so determined to have wealth, and I watch as it eludes them. Not just wealth but great wealth. They talk a good game, but it never happens. They make plans, but nothing happens. They set intentions but then lose their way. Most of them are somewhat confused about what they really want and what to do with it if they have it, so their intentions seem diluted by fear, doubt, and plenty enough jealousy of those who succeed in manifesting the same things.

By the same token, I’ve seen people manifest wonders with nothing but a very simple faith. No secret formula. No well-known vocabulary for what they’re doing and for anything more than an intuitive understanding of the manifestation process. They know what works for them and how to turn their desires loose to come to fruition, without ever taking a webinar, watching a YouTube video, or reading a book on how to manifest.

For myself, I’ve gotten really good at manifesting most of my desires over the last few years. You might look at me and say, “Yeah, sure you have. You don’t have ___,” and yet…I do have that. I don’t advertise it, but I actually do, and it’s much to my surprise that I’ve manifested it. Where I put my attention gets a lot of energy. I’ve lost some of what I manifested because I let fears creep back in, and there are a few things that I’ve consistently not been able to either manifest or to hold onto if I did manifest. For the most part, though, I get what I want. I surprise myself at times, too, because I know enough to not attach exact specifications to a manifestation and I get something so much better than I knew existed. In other words, a lot of my dreams come true on a consistent basis. I’ve figured out most of it now, and the things that elude me are rooted in childhood’s painful beliefs and lessons. I’m still working on healing such ancient distractions and wounds and probably always will work to heal or improve them, and I must sometimes remind myself that I need to dream bigger and more often because so many past dreams have come true and I can’t allow myself to dream less now.


The internet superstars tell us we can have it if we can dream it. They tell us both great lessons and bullshit, depending on what they’re selling–and I don’t necessarily mean they’re selling something in exchange for income because many need to feed the ego more than their own mouths. I know some of the stars of social media and various websites personally, including ones who charge big bucks for workshops and courses. For as good as some of their material, they still have desires that don’t manifest. Some are mere facades, teaching ancient knowledge. They’ve manifested an income-producing business, so I’ll say that for them, but for many, the things they preach have never flowed into their own lives. As I said, I know some of them personally, and it’s a surprise how screwed up some are behind the curtain they show the world (then again, most people are). It’s easy for their audiences to admire that facade and feel inferior because mere mortals can’t just manifest everything they want like their teachers seem able to do. It’s just not true of most I’ve encountered.

So stop feeling inferior. Stop kicking yourself if you don’t have everything you want in life yet. It’s part of the journey.

And that, my friends, is as much of a message to me as it is to you.

Key Takeaway: Be the energy you want to attract.

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