Vibrational match

Friends at Your Vibrational Match Are Meant to Stay

Learn why people stay in your life based on a vibrational match and the significance for spiritual growth.

Some people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime…and others are there for as long as your vibration matches. 

I think I can be less afraid now of losing people who come into my life, the ones I get close to who are true Lights in my spiritual advancement. I grew up in a place where people seldom moved to or away, but for all my life in Florida, I’ve lived in a place where people are constantly leaving. After a while, you watch who you get close to because they don’t stay. Such is living close to a military base. People come, people go…and the moving away is so often painful.

I’ve gotten jaded about allowing myself to get close to new people, especially ones that I have a lot in common with and who really lend well to my spiritual advancement. Today in meditation, I broke the code. I can stop fretting so much. Some people, I will never lose.

I was shown that the people who raise my spiritual awareness & retain that vibration themselves never leave my life. Or haven’t after many, many years. I’ve had several people, who I truly loved, leave in 6 months to a few years, gone forever–and that scares me about closeness with every new friend, but I know now that these dear ones left usually not long after the point where they backslid in their spiritual awareness or where they were no longer growing and we no longer shared that higher “spin” together because they were comfortable where they were and I wanted to explore the Mysteries more fully.

In other words, the like-attract-like of spiritual growth was no longer there. With new people, I have been afraid of how close to get because of how soon they might leave. Not move away, necessarily, but leave my life or my closer circle. Yet, if we’re not at the same vibe, they’re not going to hang around for long anyway. They’ll attract their kind, and I’ll attract mine.

That’s the sad truth of it. That people I love may no longer be my kind. Even if they stay in the area and we see each other on the periphery of our social lives or work lives, we rarely connect any longer.

When you’re in a close friendship or relationship, you want to hold onto it forever. There are, and never have been, any guarantees, regardless of BFF’s, wedding bands, and promises over candlelight. No one is ever permanently attached and guaranteed to stay by our side. That can be a good thing, but in the case of people we want to be with, the impermanence of connection is sad. For those Lights in my life who have kept that high spin, they’re the closest thing I can think of to permanent friendships. They didn’t just pop in to teach me shiny new lessons & vanish while still at that level of awareness. They are still there.

The longest to date is 22 years. Not bad. At all. Whatever my age at whatever point in my life, 22 years is a long time to be on a similar wavelength with anyone. There are many who’ve been with me for less than 10 years. If I step back to see how long we’ve been able to grow together, my heart is lifted.

Not an all-encompassing list by any means, but I’ll give a shout-out to a few of those people who have taught me great spiritual lessons through our friendship and continue to do so. They know why.

Maggie Shayne, 22 years; Sharyn (my Law of Attraction friend), roughly the same; AngelSu (my spiritual coach and sounding board), 9 years this summer; Christopher Penczak, 10+ years; Kelley Harrell, 12 years?; Dorothy Morrison, 10+ years. Love y’all.

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