Interview with Marc Rice, Rune Healer

Marc Rice, Rune Healer

Rune healer Marc Rice spoke with me today on what makes his work unique and exactly what it is that he does as an energy worker.   I’ve experienced his work firsthand, and there’s a depth to it that I’ve felt with only a few Elders in the global community. Enjoy! Or, as Marc would say, “Stay strong.”

Lorna Tedder:   I’ve seen many energy workers come and go over the last 17 years, but very few have stood out from the rest.  What would you say makes you unique among energy workers?

Marc Rice:  The one thing that sets me apart from other energy workers is the obvious (easy to overlook when it’s in plain sight); I’m the only rune master outside of Iceland who uses runic hand positions for the purpose of energy transfer person to person. This is a verifiable fact. Icelandic rune masters have a tradition that has been untouched for over 1,500 years, related to a runic martial art called “Stav.”

Armanen rune masters, whose system is based on the Icelandic “Futhork” and the Saxon “Futhark,” so named respectively after the first 6 letters, used hand positions during ritual and meditation exclusively. After becoming a Reiki master, I saw its value and realized, like a revelation, that the hand positions within the ArmanenFuthork could be used as a means to heal, similar to Reiki, but with a much clearer and focused punch. I altered the hand positions so they could be used with ease for long periods of time during a healing session.

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I was publicly encouraged and supported by Grand Rune Master, Karl Hans Welz in 2007 to publish my work. I am the sole creator of my system. The runes carry a vibration independent of conscious thought; that is to simply say that regardless of YOUR intention, the frequency of the rune stays the same. Intention can’t change the fixed vibration of a rune. Altering the vibration alters the rune, and that would be pointless… if that makes sense.

That is one thing that sets me apart, but not the only thing.

Lorna Tedder:  I was aware from watching yourmany videos on YouTubethat you used runes in your energy work and had created your own system, but I was not aware that you were the only one with a system like this.

Marc Rice:  There were no others; hence the need to create it. I was surprised no one thought of it before me.

Lorna Tedder:   I know you use your practice to heal as well as to manifest. Is there a difference? Or are you manifesting healing vs manifesting something else?

Marc Rice:  Manifesting/magick/thaumaturgy is the science of causing change to occur in conformity with will. That same process can be used in healing. In fact, healing is the most practical and beneficial form of manifesting we can use. Allow me to explain:

In order to have a successful manifesting operation, there are some important key factors that come into play; first, there needs to be a desire to cause change, sometimes referred to as an intention. Second, there needs to be an agent, a power source, that enables that intention to manifest from the mental into the physical. When someone lays on my table, is it my intention to cause change to occur in conformity with my will? YES. Is there an agent, a power source, that is enabling my intention? YES (the vibration of each rune coupled with my synced vibration as well as the cooperative vibration of the client). This alone meets the requirement for healing as an act of magick/manifesting. Does a change actually occur? If we move one grain of sand, the Earth is no longer exactly the same. The answer is YES.

Lorna Tedder:   What’s the one thing a potential client should ask a Reiki master or energy healer before selecting one, you in particular?

Marc Rice:  The one thing that should always be asked of ANY energy worker is something I’ve never heard: “How long have you been practicing your craft?”  This is probably the most important question of all. I want to be clear that I am not belittling anyone, nor is it my intent to imply anything remotely disparaging…but if you pay an energy worker, say $100, to work on you, and they have only been at it a few months, you shouldn’t be too surprised if you walk away disappointed. I would like to tell you that a price tag should reflect skill, but such is not always the case. This type of work…it’s a life, a way of life. People are often perplexed by the fact that I’ve been on this path for 27 years this October. I have a youthful appearance–some would say an intimidating appearance,–so the question never gets asked. I get asked if I’m in a rock band quite often.

I’m currently 42 years old. At the age of 16, I was taught meditation as a means to control some frightening out of body experiences. That same year I was taught basic healing and chakra acceleration. That was the first time I put my hands on someone for the intention of clearing negative blocks.


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