Applied Astrology: Eighth House Sun, Month #1 (Part 2 of 2)

8th House Solar Return

This is a continuation of Part 1 of this post, Applied Astrology: Eighth House Sun, Month #1

Finances and the Eighth House Sun

The Health Sector of my life–usually associated with the Sixth House–isn’t the only one affected by my Eighth House Sun Solar Return.  The Eighth House is also strongly tied to finances, in particular “Other People’s Money.”  I usually think of this in terms of investments as opposed to the Second House where I usually find my earned income.

About three months before my birthday, I began to feel an overwhelming urge to make sure my finances were in order. From a spiritual standpoint, this was about releasing old attachments with ex-partners.  This resurgence in attention to finances focused primarily on increasing savings for retirement investments and paying down debts–and “finding money” I didn’t know was there, outside of my normal income.  If you’d like to read more about my attempts to pay down debt and find more money, I’ve blogged on the topic regularly here under the financial freedom tag, starting with this post:

Emotional and Financial Freedom: Debt-Free and Spirituality in 2013

One month after my birthday, I have paid off the car in full and paid down an extra 10k on my mortgage.   I’ve now gotten into a comfortable rhythm with my finances and I’m now mostly satisfied with this rebirth of finances.

Career and the Eighth House Sun

Another area of my life that is seeing influence from this Eighth House Sun is my career and workplace, which are normally considered to be Tenth House concerns.

I am surprised to find that Eighth House regeneration themes are showing up in other sectors of my life and houses of my astrology chart, but maybe I shouldn’t be.  Having worked in this particular job position unofficially for a year and officially for the past six months, I am finding that I am at last getting into my “battle rhythm,” as we call it.  My Division is rolling along nicely with a very high level of productivity and–at least in my mind–a lot of fun.

The regeneration aspects are two-fold.

One, I’ve been offered something that I’m not ready to give a yes answer to yet, but it intrigues me to have been offered “Sky’s the limit” option for the future. I’m not used to having my “ticket punched.”  Those options are several years away.  At least for now they are.  But I’ve taken a single step forward and the map in front of me has opened up more than I could have imagined.

The other aspect of the Eighth House influence on my workplace is what I see with the employees I try to develop professionally.  I have more years of experience in my career field than probably 90% of the people in my location and I’ve just become eligible for an early retirement I, like most Federal employees, can’t afford to take.  I read a report this week that says we have another 25% of my workforce eligible for retirement within the next five years.  In the last five years, we’ve had an appalling number of employees retire or move elsewhere, and I’m concerned about our brain drain and who will take over and do the job I’ve done.  So many of our employees are young, with less than five years of experience, and I look at them and see the Great Circle of Life (cue Lion King music).  This theme of regeneration of the workforce–new employees (who are barely through their three to four years of professional training but have a head for leadership) replacing those who are leaving  or leaving soon.

In the three months before my birthday, I began to pay more attention to this, but in Month #1, I launched a full-on assault to prepare new leaders, to use my Division and my tutelage and mentorship as a stepping stone to a bright future for them.  Birthing new leaders has felt a bit like a life purpose in this Solar Return year.  Last week, two of my 20-somethings pass the biggest test of their careers to date, maybe ever.  And me?  I felt so much like a proud mama, shoving my fledglings out of the nest.  I could not stop grinning.

Relationships and the Eighth House Sun

The last place I’ve noticed the effects of the Eight House Sun has been in my relationship, which you might normally think of as a Seventh House partnership or Fifth House romance.  Without getting into too much detail, I was worried three months before my birthday that the relationship had died or was dying, in part because neither of us seemed to have much time to devote and he is under other obligations.  I found the prospect of letting something wonderful fade away due to lack of tending to be sad and discouraging, but about six weeks before my birthday, something breathed new life into it.  That relationship began to bloom again.  Throughout Month#1, our future was still nebulous–with much to work through–but I think that regeneration is a good thing for every relationship.

In the first six months of any relationship, people figure out the big things that attract them to each other or that will keep them apart.  By the two-year mark, they know most of the little things that will either glue them together for  a lifetime or will become the saddle burrs that tear them apart one tiny slash at a time.  Those burrs will either bear removal, growing a thicker hide, or learning to live with the pain.  Any relationship that does not grow and change becomes stagnant and dies.  Change–regeneration of relationships–is most definitely an Eighth House influence.

I know this post was only meant to cover Month #1, but in the first days of Month #2, an awful surprise has happened, and it appears that this relationship has ended.  Something neither of us want.

I am in mourning, and I cannot recall the last time I felt a loss this deeply.

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