Applied Astrology: Eighth House Solar Return Sun, Third Time Charmed

8th House Sun

Everyone who’s even slightly into astrology seems to fear the dreaded Eighth House Solar Return Sun. And for good reason–most people are afraid it signals the year either they or someone close to them will die.

Round Two

I wrote extensively about my second Solar Return Sun in my Eighth House back in 2009-2010. Yes, I had some scary times that year, with several terrifying health issues that resolved nicely–after the year was over. But overall, it was not a bad year. Lots of regeneration.

Round One

I’ve never written about my first Eighth House Solar Return, which occurred when I was an adult but very young. I won’t say much about it now, either. There was a significant death in my life that year, both a physical death and a figurative death. My entire life and outlook on life changed that year. I only recently discovered what was going on astrologically that year, and it really wasn’t a surprise.

Round Three

There was a theme that repeated itself in my second SR 8th House visit.I have the option of letting that theme repeat again now, as I have just entered my third year of an Eighth House Sun. As far as I can tell, I don’t have any more of these to “look forward to” in my lifetime. (whew!)

It’s said that when we repeat a Solar Return house pattern (11-8-5-2, 11-8-5-2, for example), we are being given an opportunity to “get it right” this time. Let’s hope so! I’ve modified some behaviors that weren’t serving me well in the first two Eight House returns. Still an option, yes, but not a good year to repeat past mistakes.

Mortality was not so much on my mind in round two, and definitely not in round one. It’s moreso this time as I watch older friends and relatives face their own mortality and as I’ve fought and won some health battles of my own over the last 3 years. All the health issues that were super serious in 2009 have resolved completely or either my doctor has seen no change, thereby supporting the diagnosis of “we’ll keep watch once a year but not worry.”

Because so many readers come to me in search of what to expect from an Eighth House Solar Return, I’ll post a monthly update of how this year is going for me, around the third day of every month. Meanwhile, I’ll keep in mind that regeneration need not be about death and destruction but about constructive, gentle, beautiful change.

Oh…and that rounds one and two significantly redefined who I am and how I see the world.

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