Interview with Pagan Author Christine Ashworth

Below: the book trailer for Demon Soul by Christine Ashworth — if you like True Blood, you’ll like Christine’s paranormal romances.

Christine Ashworth:  A Brief Interview

Author Christine Ashworth is the first in my new interview series with writers, teachers, musicians, artists, and readers who are either pagan or fit the “Spiritual Eclectic” description.Flying By Night novel

Christine is the author of BLOOD DREAMS – A Caine Brothers Short Story, and DEMON SOUL.  Her blog, Wicked with a Side of Saucy, features food, gardening, wine recommendations, and the writing life, but if you read between the lines, you’ll find a deep and beautiful spirituality.

Christine Ashworth - Demon Hunt

The Spiritual Eclectic:  Christine, unlike many other authors of paranormal romance, you blog extensively about cooking and gardening.  How do those two obvious delights fit into your pagan path?

Christine Ashworth:  For me, it’s two pieces of a whole. Cooking is nurturing. It’s love at it’s most basic – feeding the people you love with healthy, tasty food. I am very much a kitchen witch, but barely aware of it until I started thinking about it. But I’m always muttering to the food as I make it, prepping it to do healthy things for my men.

Gardening is nurturing the planet. It’s taking time to make a bit of earth beautiful for me and the family, and a chance (now that I don’t have dogs) to feed and nurture the birds that are abundant in my section of the world. It’s a deep reverence for the abundance of the earth that has been instilled in me as the daughter, and granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of farmers.

The Spiritual Eclectic:  How would you define your spiritual practice?

Christine Ashworth: My pagan path has been self-forged (though I guess many are!), as there aren’t many local folk willing to take me on. And I’m ashamed to admit I’m not a big one for ritual that isn’t spontaneous. But the turning of the seasons, the moon in all her phases, the breaking dawn, the blazing sunset all have a claim on me that seems to have been there from birth.


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