Health: Renew Life’s Total Body Rapid Cleanse Review and Tips, Days 5-7 and Final Results

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That you all been waiting for (and emailing me about!):  the final results of my cleanse.  This is Days 5-7 of this product review series on Renew Life’s Total Body Rapid Cleanse and the summary of the results. 

Days 5, 6, and 7 were really no-brainer days for me.  No big surprises, not big side effects, no distress at all.  I continued to drink lots of water and exercise–mostly power-walking, leisure walking, and yoga.  Those are my tips for the last 3 days:  drink water and do some form of exerciseto get the most out of our cleanse and sweat out those toxins.

Life Coaching TipsSo. The final results of my cleanse after 7 days? Honestly?

I followed the instructions. I did not cheat. I didn’t eat cake or guzzle margaritas. On the other hand, I also didn’t change my diet or exercise regimen since the recommended diet, etc, is already part of my daily lifestyle. I eat very little gluten or sugar, eat clean (and I mean REALLY clean, not just skipping Oreo cookies on weekdays), exercise 6-7 times a week, and drink tons of water.

Did I feel oh, so much better without all those toxins in me?  Um….I felt good but not significantly better than I usually feel by eating according to my specific needs and allergies.  I do my best under normal conditions to NOT eat, breathe, or rub toxins on my skin.  It’s nearly impossible to do 100% in our modern world, but I am conscious of how our food and environment has been altered with chemicals and bacteria.  So perhaps I did not have as many toxins to get rid of as others trying the cleanse and reporting feeling oh-so-good.  I really didn’t feel any different.

Did I lose weight?  Several pounds?  Five?  More?  Um…no.  If anything, I was up a few ounces, but no, it was stable overall.  Certainly none lost.  Then again, I didn’t just go cold-turkey from a daily dose of Death by Chocolate or other yummy desserts.  Maybe people with 5-10 pounds of weight loss to report really made a significant change in diet that translated into pounds off?  For me, no change in diet or regimen meant no change in pounds.

Did I lose inches in my waistline?  Hmmm, sorta.  I lost one inch off my waist.  Nowhere else.  Since I didn’t change anything except to do the cleanse, I’ll certainly give the cleanse credit for that one inch.

Did my skin turn clearer?  In the last 2-3 days, yes, it did seem clearer.  However, (and here’s a tip you might just love!) I’ve had far better luck with clearing my skin (and feeling good) by eating salmon, blueberries, leafy green veggies, and eggs (and nothing else) for three days prior to a must-look-good-event than I got from the cleanse.   Three days of anti-inflammatory, high Omega foods make my skin dewey and glowy.

That’s it!  I’ll continue to blog more health product reviews here on occasion, as well as write about my 20-pound loss and what I do to feel better and healthier than I ever have in my life.  Enjoy!


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