Health: Renew Life’s Total Body Rapid Cleanse Review and Tips, Day 4 of 7

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This is Day 4 of this product review series on Renew Life’s Total Body Rapid Cleanse. For those of you who were concerned that I didn’t post Day 4 right away, no worries–it didn’t kill me!  Simply, I’m under multiple deadlines.  

Day 3 Tips:

  1. Drink water. I’ll say it yet again.  Drink, drink, drink!  Not only will you be dehydrated but you’ll also want to help wash those toxins out.
  2. Get some exercise. Cardio, walking, whatever will make you sweat.  This will also help to get those toxins out.

Day 3 Results:

  1. Headaches are gone.
  2. Again, no gastric distress. All gone!
  3. Still feeling dehydrated but not as bad as previous days.
  4. At this point, I realized that I’d been having a little sinus congestion early on.  It seemed that every day brought a new way of getting toxins out of my system, whether congestion, increase trips to the bathroom, etc.  Which brings me to the big surprise on day 4:  I was sweating like crazy all day, even without light to moderate exercise.  This was the only “sweat day” of the cleanse, and I was glad to be off work that day and only hanging out at the house.

Next, Days 5-7 and a wrap-up.


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