Health: Renew Life’s Total Body Rapid Cleanse Review and Tips, Day 3 of 7

Continued from Day 2:

This is Day 3 of this product review series on Renew Life’s Total Body Rapid Cleanse.  For those of you who were concerned that I didn’t post Day 3 right away, I  was under deadline with The Secret Lives of Librarians…only a couple more chapters to go!  The cleanse had nothing to do with my delay in continuing this series.

Day 3 Tips:

  1. Drink water.  Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink!   No matter that you already drink 100 ounces a day already. Drinking 64 ounces a day is a bare minimum during the entire cleanse, I found, but for

day 3 (and possibly the later part of day 2), drink even more.  Stay away from caffeinated beverages and anything that would sure as a diuretic or may you dehydrated.

Day 3 Results:

1. Another day of headache.  This time, it required only 1 headache pill and was gone by mid-day.

2. Again, no gastric distress.  I was worried because I had to drive all afternoon, but the concerns I’d read about in various reviews never happened. Day 3 is supposed to be the absolute worst of the cleanse, but my system took it very well, unlike with some people.

3. The worst part of the day was how dehydrated I became and how quickly.  Throughout day 2, I drank, drank, drank. I went to bed around midnight, woke twice during the night to go to urinate, and woke about daylight in severe pain in my legs. OMG, I could barely stand up. My leg aches were worse than either the flu or the morning after climbing the steep steps of the Glastonbury Tor when I was out of shape.They just aaaaaached. This is a sign of dehydration, so I downed a bottle of water as quickly as I could and soon felt much better.  The leg aches subsided.  This cleanse does dehydrate so even the few hours between a bottle of water before bedtime and morning light had a strong effect on me.  I kept a bottle of water nearby to sip on throughout the rest of the cleanse.

Next, Day 4….and a surprise.


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