Health: Renew Life’s Total Body Rapid Cleanse Review and Tips, Day 2 of 7

Continued from Day 1:

This is Day 2 of this product review series on Renew Life’s Total Body Rapid Cleanse.

Day 2 Tips:

  1. The morning and evening fiber drink can be pretty nasty if you toss one scoop of fiber-powder into a glass of cold water.  Here’s a better way:

Put 1 scoop of fiber into a glass.  Take one coffee cup of hot (and I mean hot, not warm) water–or a kettle of hot water if you prefer–and pour about half a cup over the fiber.  Stir so that it dissolves.  Fill the rest of the glass.  If you don’t like the taste (bland, but not bad), then add a little lemon juice.  Stir well.  Tastes like drinking hot lemon water for a sore throat.  The hot water and the stirring will keep the fiber from clumping up and it’s so much easier to swallow.

  1. Drink lots of water. No kidding.  Even if you normally drink 100 ounces a day like I do…drink more.

Day 2 Results:

  1. Another day of headache. About like a bad sinus headache.  I’m told this is a sign of detoxing.
  2. Although I’d made plans to stick close to a bathroom just in case of gastric distress, I never had any distress.  Good thing, too, since I had to drive several hours away to visit my mom.  The only distress was really only urgency due to increased urination, another sign of detoxing and, of course, of the diuretics in the cleanse!  I think I stopped at 4 gas stations to tour Florida’s dirtiest bathrooms in the first hour of the trip!  Ten minutes down the road and I was looking for the next place to stop.  But nothing terrible, really.  Day 2 was also the worst of my bathroom visits for the entire cleanse.
  3. I began to notice how dehydrated I felt–in spite of all the water I was drinking.

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