The Year in Faith: Pagan Blog Project Fridays Throughout 2012

Writing is my way of working through emotional or spiritual turmol, whether it’s fiction, essays, or the dozen and more non-fiction guides I’ve written.  I’ve found my audience–both Christian and Pagan–and I appreciate them very much for their open-mindedness and willing to explore new aspects of spirituality. I used to blog about spiritual matters and various deep but raw insights on a daily basis here, but I’ve been remiss in that for the past 16 months.

No, I didn’t stop learning or exploring.

Much of what I’ve learned has been turned into deep discussion with a soul mate and by the time we turn it every which angle, there’s nothing left for the page. The second reason is that I’ve had a very good 2011 that included a job change, a relationship, the fledging of my youngest child, new books to write and finish, and a career promotion–and balancing all that has left me short on blogging time.

To make sure that I don’t get out of my regular habit of exploring eclectic spiritual ideas, I’ll be participating in the Pagan Blog Project every Friday throughout 2012 as part of my spiritual plan…my year in faith, starting 6 January.

Be sure to join me!


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