The BP Oil Spill: The Energy of the Gulf More than a Year Later


Thanks to the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in the spring of 2010, I hadn’t been to the beach in nearby Destin, Florida, in nearly a year.  But I was there yesterday and I was there again today.  It was beautiful, clear…and I was relieved.

Last year, the toxic fumes of oil being burned on the water played havoc with my asthma, and I was seriously ill from May through August.  Even after the oil stopped washing ashored in clumps, destroying the beauty of the pristine beaches here, those of us who are sensitive to “energies” could feel the heaviness and the toxicity any time we were within a few yards of the once-clear water.  It just felt…dirty…heavy…diseased.  As a spiritual person highly attuned to Nature, I found it painful to be at the beach, even in October and on into late November.   I wrote about my empathic impression of toxicity ( )   in June 2010, and it was still true well into the end of 2010–a horrible year for the local economy and environment.

Even though the tourists returned this spring, I had no desire to go there myself.

This week, I knew it was time.  Two people I love, who don’t know each other, asked me to join them at the beach, one yesterday and one today.  The middle of October is not a popular time at the beach, but it’s always been my favorite…the cooler weather, the sparkling water,  the swarms of butterflies and dragonflies, the yellow wildflowers, the clear and then turquoise waters, the white singing sand.  After my last trip to the dirty waters, I couldn’t see the appeal of going back–ever.  Only two people–either one, really–could have convinced me to go back.

And it was beautiful.  Just beautiful.

I don’t remember the water ever being so clear.  Maybe that’s just a contrast with last year, but it was liquid sunshine rolling in over my feet.  The sand was pristine and white.  But that’s not all.

As a highly sensitive person to my environment and someone gifted (and cursed)  in feeling the energy of people and spaces,  I was struck by how clear the water was, not just as an element but in an energetic way.  This was not the sludge feeling of last summer and fall but energetically clear.  I have often used clear, running water in purification rituals and cleansings.  The surf felt like that today–like purified water, fresh from a deep connection with a full moon, and a little salty.

Yes.  Like holy water.


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