Taking Stock of 2010, Personally and in Photos

It’s that time on the calendar when everyone’s doing a review of the year.  It’s our way of taking stock as a culture, a country, a community, an organization, a family, personally.  I admit, there are times when I look back on the year and think, wow, I got nothing done!  I’ll remind myself of how I’d wanted to travel more or finish more projects or grow spiritually or prosper or improve my health or find the company of a good man and not be able to conjure up all those successes in one instant.  I’m a visual sort of person, though, so I discovered this photo-tool through my friend Sharyn Cerniglia.

To the naked eye (or the person who doesn’t know how to read my mind!), these photos don’t necessarily make a lot of sense or show what a great year I’ve had, even though most of my readers have seen them here at The Spiritual Eclectic.  But here’s my year’s highlights, in pictures, and what each represents.  Funny, but most correspond with specific goals and sectors in my life, such as prosperity, family, travel, spirituality, health, and romance.

Try it yourself–you’ll probably find yourself smiling back at the photos of yourself and the things that were important enough to take pictures of.

#1 — Leaving the house to  hold someone accountible for some unethical/illegal activity–felt really empowered that day after finding out how many lies I’d been told!;

#2 –My new home office, just the way I love it;

#3 –Jasmine Hills gardens where my “adopted little sister” Jillian got married and I performed my first legal ceremony;

#4 –Clowning around with daughter Shannon and masks over Labor Day;

#5 –Mother’s Day with daughter Aislinn at Bay Point–and getting a quick visit with a dear childhood friend;

#6 –The labyrinth at the Florida Pagan Gathering and camping with friends (twice this year);

#7 –About 70 days into P90X and seeing/feeling a difference;

#8 –My girls on Grayton Beach at our annual Thanksgiving picnic (Aislinn taking photos of Shannon);

#9 –My garden and patio;

#10  –A playdate with a very special guy;

#11 — Weekend trip to Disney and a reunion wtih Maggie Shayne, Barbara O’Neal, and other writer pals;

#12 — Breakfast with Sharyn Cerniglia in Orlando, my Law of Attraction/Abraham-Hicks friend and a big instigator of some very positive steps I’ve made (sorta a role model, and I don’t have many);

#13 — Dressing up for my spiritual circle’s monthly gathering;

#14  –Metrics for health regimen–pulse is wayyyyy down, BP is good;

#15  –My new car, Isabeau; and

#16 — The front door of my house, flanked by autumn flowers.


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