Chiron Transits

Applied Astrology: Chiron Transits and How They Might Affect You

As Chiron transits approach, this personal journey through significant life shifts invites a closer look at the astrological impact of Chiron’s movements on one’s life path and transformations.

Chiron has just passed my stellium of planets in Aquarius–Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn–and is barrelling toward my Ascendant, natal Chiron, Sun, and Venus.  Uh-oh!

I can’t really say that Chiron has had a huge horrible effect on my stellium, though I suppose I have to admit that I’ve undergone a lot of self-inquiry during this time (as evidenced by over 5 years of heavy-duty blogging through some tough life events), but I’ve come through it a rather serene and happy person.  Given that my Chiron Return is approaching in the next couple of years, yes, I’m a bit nervous.  I’ve heard horror stories.

However, it’s a little hard for me to believe that I’ll have more horror stories to dredge up about my childhood or my youth or my past.  I think I’ve done a stellar job over the last few years of working through all those hurts, honoring them, and releasing them.  Still, with Chiron’s transit of my Ascendant beginning next year (March 2011 to December 2012), I’m just a little concerned.  I don’t know why except for stories I’ve heard of great hurt or great awakening to past hurt.  I’m almost tempted to say, “Huh? There’s more?”  One of my dearest friends tells me he’s amazed at how much I’ve endured in my life–I didn’t really see it as unusual until he pointed it out.  But if I’ve worked through so much, what is there left?

One astrologer suggested I look at Chiron’s previous hard transits  to my Pisces Ascendant and see what was going on during that time frame.  Since I was born with Chiron conjunct my Ascendant (2 degrees within my First House),  I have only 3 to look at:  two squares and an opposition to my Ascendant, which correlate to my IC, Mid-Heaven, and Descendant.  He suggested that whatever happened at my Descendant will be the opposite of what to expect when Chiron conjuncts my Ascendant since it’s 180 degrees on the other side of my birth chart.  Hmmmm.

I looked back at the exact dates and a month or so on either side of the squares and opposition and discovered something very unexpected.  Chiron’s transits at IC, Mid-Heaven, and Descendant were all about a change in residence and career.  These weren’t harsh events but they certainly were big ones.   Here’s how it all  played out:

Chiron conjunct Ascendant: 

I was a newborn!

Chiron square Ascendant (or roughly, Chiron conjunct IC): 

I moved into my first home (makes sense at the IC!), married, and then changed careers a few months later when I started my Defense Department career.

Chiron opposite Ascendant (or roughly, Chiron conjunct Descendant): 

This was a biggie.  On the exact date of this transit, my then-husband and I were signing a contract to move into our new home with our two small daughters AND I sold my first novel, thereby beginning a new career in addition to my existing career with the Department of Defense.  I’d had no plans at all to move but my then-husband came home one day and suggest we just put the house on the market to see what might happen in that particular housing market–and it sold 8 days later.  We had to scramble to find a new house, for me to finish overnight revisions on my first novel for my editor, and to be gone to Canada on a mandatory business trip for two weeks. This change came at the suggestion of my spouse (Descendant).

Chiron square Ascendant (or roughly, Chiron conjunct Mid-heaven): 

My then-husband and I didn’t move but it was under serious consideration.  We actually looked at jobs in another state where his employer’s headquarters were and where a lesser version of my DoD job was.  We took an extra-long weekend trip with the kids and checked out housing and school systems but decided we just really did not like the location at all and that the school system was far inferior to what our children had been used to–and the best job there for me was a significant paycut and prestige downgrade.  Back home, word got out to my boss that I was thinking of leaving and I was transferred to a more nurturing office…but at a price of having a promised promotion delayed by another two years.

Note that Chiron did not transit any significant planets or asteroids  during my divorce or the time of my ex moving out or any significant changes in household occupants.

So…Chiron conjunct Ascendant is almost on the proverbial horizon.  With all these past changes or serious consideration of changes in residence and career, what will this transit bring?  I’m not sure, but a change in residence and career is definitely a possility.  My divorce decree will all me to move out of the county just as this transit begins and there are quite a few appealing job opportunities both locally and far away that will become available around that time.  What’s the opposite of my Descendant conjunction back in 1993?  Moving out of the home I moved into?  Relaunching my writing career in some different way?  Who knows?

Will Chiron’s transits mean a change in residence or career for you?  I don’t know.  I suggest you look at your chart and at what was happening  at the conjunction, squares, and opposition to your Ascendant and see what the common themes are.

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