In the Environment: Weddings and Wolfpacks

Aislinn’s latest wedding shoot.

Photo copyright by Aislinn Bailey.


At the beginning of 2010, I paused one night in ritual to think ahead to the next year and what it would bring me.  In a moment of clarity, I caught a “whiff” of things to come.  Many have come to pass–beautifully–but some, I couldn’t see happening.  Two in particular, I did not understand.

I was very certain that I would be focusing much more on

weddingsthis year.  I saw lots of white lace and all the trappings of formal weddings–really, not my style.  I had stopped dating around and had become more focused on seeing one particular man whenever he was in town.  I was very fond of our time together and yet, I couldn’t see our relationship ever progressing to marriage.  Although we always had a blast together, he really wasn’t up to the intellectual and spiritual standards I would expect in a husband.  I’m not saying that I won’t ever remarry and I’ve met a couple of wonderful men who met my standards, but this one just wasn’t it.    In spite of my emotional attachment and fondness,  the image of white lace wasn’t anything I associated with my relationship with him.

By May, I was seeing a lot more white lace and bridal gowns.  First, one of my dearest friends asked me to officiate at her wedding this fall and second, my daughter Aislinn shot her first wedding with one of my oldest friends.  Since then, Aislinn has worked with enough mentors and wedding photographers that it’s now become very clear to her that she wants a career in wedding photography. Some of the larger weddings she’s shot over the summer were turned into trips we took together, and I lounged in hot tubs at resorts while she sweated (literally) over happy couples.

So weddings manifested for me in a big way this year, mainly through Aislinn but also thorough some good friends.  They’re a big part of our lives right now, and I am thoroughly enjoying weddings–something I really have never been that excited about. This is most definitely a blessing.

The other thing I didn’t understand was a vision of lots of young men around me.  Handsome, well-dressed men in their 20’s, well-educated, and full of passion and ambition.  Young professionals.  A pleasant vision, yes, but confusing.  Why would I have all these fine guys around me?  I normally date young men, yes, but ones in uniform.  None of these were.   The other problem–if it could be called a problem–was that at the time, I’d stopped seeing other men in favor of just one  who had my full attention, so I didn’t see myself dating around a lot.

One  day at work, I stopped by to see one of the new interns–we seriously have about 60 or so new interns in my career field–and I’d reviewed one of his projects and written him up on several issues.  I knew it was two minutes until his lunch break but told him I’d set up a time to train him so he wouldn’t make the same mistakes again.   He told me he’d chat with me more after lunch because four or five new interns were coming by to go to lunch with him.  Then he nodded over my shoulder as several young, professional guys–all in their 20’s, well-educated, well-dressed, nice-looking guys–arrived behind me.  I turned to see them and immediately thought, “Holy wolf pack!”

Seeing them all together reminded me of the werewolf boys in the Twilight vampire movies but also made me realize how many other young professional guys were showing up in every meeting I was attending, regardless of the project I was working on.   Usually the men I work with are stodgy, older engineers so I hadn’t even thought about all the new interns arriving.  Young men galore!  Not in a romantic sense, but every last one is so pleasant and mentally enjoyable as I help train them in their careers.  They are most definitely a blessing.

Don’t you love the way things joyously unfold?



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