How the June 2010 Full Moon Eclipse Might Affect You (Part 2 of 3)

The June 26, 2010 partial lunar eclipse. Photo copyright by dcafe; creative commons license.

This trio of articles covers finding out how the partial lunar eclipse of June 26, 2010 might affect you astrologically by looking at parallel and related eclipses, house placement, and planets in conjunction or opposition to the eclipse.

Part 1

Part 2

  1. House Placement

Where does this eclipse occur in your natal chart?  In other words, which of the 12 “houses” of your astrological chart will be most affected?  A house is like an area, sector, or theme of your life.

Here are the 12 houses and what areas of your life they represent:

First house:  self, ego

Second house:  values, possessions, money, self-worth

Third house:  siblings, neighborhood/community environment, communications

Fourth house:  home,  domestic situation, can mean the mother but in some situations the mother is represented in the Tenth house and the father in the fourth

Fifth house:  romance, children, creative expression, play

Sixth house:  daily life/routine/tasks, health, skills/jobs (not career)

Seventh house: committed partnerships (marriage or business), legal relationships, open enemies

Eight house:  sex, joint finances, regneration, death, transformation, occult

Ninth house:  travel, knowledge/education, foreign cultures, religion, law

Tenth house:  career, the father (though sometimes the mother), authority, Government

Eleventh house:  goals/hopes, friends, groups

Twelfth house:  mysticism/spirituality, hospitals, prisons, secrets, hidden things, unknown enemies

To find out which houses are affected, you must know what’s in your chart.  If you don’t already know, go to and create your own natal chart (it’s free) using your place of birth, birth time, and birth date.  You must know your approximate birth time and place or this exercise will NOT be accurate.

Look on your chart for  the house that 5 degrees of Capricorn occurs in.  This is where you’ll most feel the effects.  Then look at where 5 degrees Cancer shows up in your chart–opposite of the eclipse.  This house will also be strongly affected.

If you don’t know how to find this at, then I recommend you find an astrologer to pay for this information (I don’t do this, sorry, so please don’t ask).

Continuing my example from the previous article in this trio, my own themes are playing out in career vs home, with the eclipse occuring near the end of my Tenth house and the end of  its opposite house, the Fourth.  Combined with looking at parallel eclipses and house placement, I’m most likely to feel changes in responsibility  in my career and home environments over the next few months.


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