Are You Resisting your Biggest Dreams?


Water lily photo by duane.schoon; creative commons license.

Does it sometimes seem that the hardest thing to manifest is your biggest, most important dream? And isn’t it incredibly frustrating?

The secret to manifesting is

that old phrase about “let go and let God,” but even that can be irritating to hear when what you’re most praying for just isn’t happening.  I’ve discovered that the thing that holds a dream at bay is the “resistance” to it.  That doesn’t sound right because you immediately think of resistance as doing things to keep from getting it, so how can you resist what you want so badly?

Well, by wanting it so badly.  The secret to getting it is being 100% okay with not having it.  That may sound strange, but it works.  Just as soon as I’m positive I don’t need something, it will show up.  It’s sort of like the Universe saying, “Yes, we just needed you to understand that you are perfect as you are, and since you do, now it’s yours.”

This resistance might also be considered yearning.  In some cases, it’s downright KEENING for something you want.  You want it so bad that it hurts, and that hurting is resistance that keeps the dream at bay.

At the April meeting of my spiritual circle, we “played paperdolls,” as my dad would have said.  It was a nice little artsy-craftsy experiment with a powerful lesson.  It’s called “the Box.”

My group sat on my family room floor with a bunch of magazines I’d bought–a variety of men’s magazines, travel guides, financial magazines, health and beauty, you name it.  We took scissors and cut out things that appealed to us and put them in decorated boxes that each person took home.  The object of the game was to find things that represented big dreams and small, even shallow ones for our box and see what would manifest.  According to theory, the items that we don’t have resistance to will manifest quickly.  These are the ones that we’re okay with not coming to us nownownow or even at all because we are all okay 100% without them.  We know we’ll be fine, that we’ll be taken care of, that all is well.  We can put it out to the Universe that we’d like these specific things but we’re just fine, no matter what.  It’s that place of serenity and being at-one with ourselves.

Different things in my box manifested quickly. This is where the understanding of “resistance” comes in because of how I feel about what–of the box–manifested and how I feel about what has not yet come into physical being for me.  Understanding that feeling is a big clue for me in learning to relax and let things come easily.

Among the things that manifested?   Water lilies!  That was one of the easy, simple things I put in the box.  I saw a photo of water lilies in a garden and tossed it in.  In the past month, those water lilies have been everywhere!  I’ve had the opportunity to snag me a few out in nature, though I haven’t.  I decided I liked them better where they were, and I enjoyed them there very much.  I don’t currently have room in my garden for them but I’ve relished them in the countryside.

Another was a picture of a woman riding a horse through a nature scene.  At the time, I remembered riding horses with my family through the Little Tennessee River in 2003 or so and how much I loved that and would like the opportunity to ride again.  I tossed the picture in the box.  About a week later, I was talking to a woman at work and out of the blue, she suggested I take her husband’s horse while he was out of town and go riding with her one weekend.  I’ve been out of town every weekend, having fun elsewhere, but it’s an open invitation and one I think I’ll take her up on.

Besides a number of other small items or activities represented by pictures in my box, I put one biggie in there that hasn’t manifested but shades of it keep popping up.  Not the big dream yet, but little things that lead up to its fruition.  It’s almost like having all the accoutrements ready before the actual appearance.

I’ll keep adding things to The Box, and I’ll review them once a month to see what little things I’ve forgotten about have come to be.  That’s really it, you know–putting my desire out there and then just forgetting about it while the Universe delivers it to me in a great big satin bow!