The Law of Attraction and Being “on the Verge”

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Contrast.

My cousin Ramona tells me she’s frustrated with being “on the verge” of so many things, including being on the verge of walking again 9 months after a motorcycle accident. She’s also on the verge of reclaiming  herself  and getting her life back, and her words strike a chord  with me.

Attract Him Back

The phrase, “on the verge,” has a lot of connotations, some of them sexual but the picture’s much bigger than that. When you are “on the verge” of having your life the way you want and you have to wait and wait and wait and satisfaction   gets  postponed  again  and  again, well,  of course you’re going to be in tears! It’s the promise that never seems to be fulfilled and it’s full of frustration.

You know what you want, you know the next great and wonderful thing that’s coming into your life, and then the carrot gets moved a little farther down the road and after  a  while,  unless  you’re persistent,  you  tire  of  the chase and simply give up. Or you start to doubt that the reward is really out there after all.

Giving up, doubting, losing momentum,  questioning yourself…those are all ways the Law of Attraction actually shoves away the things we’re working so hard to receive.

If you’re using the Law of Attraction to bring wonderful things into your life, you must stay “on the verge.” That is, live in that moment of being totally focused  on the outcome,  anticipating  it, excited about it,  can’t wait for it to happen because it’s inevitable. Everything in your world hones in, focuses intently on what it is that’s next and that’s where your attention is. The best thing in the world you can do to bring to you  what  you want is to maintain that sense of can’t-wait-excitement. Giving  up, doubting, kicking yourself, wondering if it’s really going to happen—all those things just push it away and sometimes kill the necessary spark.

So get on the verge and believe it’s going to happen, but don’t ever get used to being on the verge and tire of it. Enjoy the moment and go after it with every spark of energy you have.


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