Communication this week is a burden. Must be Mars energy!  Too much of that warrior-like aggressive behavior, too much irritation and aggravation, and people get- ting very antagonistic.  Mercury in retrograde  is all about miscommunication, but in this case, the communications are quite clear…and filled with irritation.

In the past, I’ve said things gently and let too much else slide. Now that I’m taking charge, shedding my codependence, and saying no or saying what I want, I’m get- ting a lot of “pushback’ as bureaucrats call it.

Several times this week, I’ve said, “Okay, no more of this” to the person  violating  my space-and  they’ve  become extremely  angry. Other times, to explain to someone why I made a particular change in my own practices, I’ve said, “Okay, no more of that”-and the querent has become extremely  angry with me even though they personally have not violated my space or been accused of it.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

It’s been  strange. A lot of aggressive and defensive energy, some of which I see in myself. I could have said nothing and kept putting up with the intrusions,  but my own aggressive energy decided to do something about it. For example, after being linked online to my ex’s current address, a house I’ve never been inside of, I ran a quick Internet  search  on  my  private  numbers-and  found  my personal cell number at  one particular website regarding my ex. At least it explains why I get calls from his fraternity brothers! At some point in the past, I’d asked the webmaster to remove my home address info. If my cell number was listed then, I must’ve missed it on my smaller screen. This time, I didn’t miss it, and it explained the re- cent rash of calls from college boys not looking  for my daughter or, um, for me, but rather, asking for money. Sore subject.

My asking that my personal cell number be removed from the website sparked an angry response, assuring me that my ex had provided that number as his contact info versus  his  own  cell  number,  his home  number, or his work number. Why he would give a number to a phone he’s never touched, I don’t have a clue, but hey, excuse me for asking that my private info that didn’t come from me be removed. (It has since been removed, so hopefully no more calls from little boys begging for beer money.)

Knowing that the Mars energy is so strong right now helps to  understand  everyone’s need to make war right now, but it really worries me on the global scale.


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