5 Sacred Things: Sacred Spaces 3 May 2010

  1. One of the special “sacred” spaces around my home is back patio, where I have several small ceramic or stone birdhouses.  Usually a couple of them become homes to finches or wrens every year, but this one little birdhouse is always the most popular.  Maybe it’s because of the ferns painted on the sides?

I love the little birdhouses and the noisy baby birds that I can always hear from the living room when the windows are up.

The only bad thing about the birdhouses is that the ones that aren’t claimed by birds are sometimes claimed by wasps.  Not usually a problem until…I get a hurricane warning after the birdlings have fledged, and all the birdhouses have to come down-including the ones with wasp nests!

  1. Jasmine incense.  True, my house smells like a Tibetan monastery half the time but the other half, it smells of roses or jasmine.  I’m a huge fan of incense, especially Dragon’s Blood, jasmine, frankincense, roses, nag champa, and sandalwood.

This is a photo Aislinn took in front of a wall in the kitchen where we were burning huge sticks of incense.

  1. There’s little more sacred to me than being able to feel the Earth under my feet, whether it’s stone, sand, wood, or grass.   Whenever I take a walk around a park or through the woods near my house, neighbors stop and ask, “How can you go barefoot out here?”  My answer is always the same:  “How can you NOT?”

  1. Other people have candy jars full of candy.  Not me.  If I must take vitamins and various good-for-me supplements, then they go into my crystal biscuit jar…a long-ago gift from in-laws that I have no idea what to do with.  Rather than be stashed in a cabinet, collecting dust,  this one offers me calcium wafers that look like giant Sweet-Tarts.

  1. I love the shade on my patio, especially in Spring.  It’s the same with moonshine as with sunshine, that dappled effect through the young oaks around the patio.  About a decade ago, I wanted many more trees in my yard, particularly the kind that weren’t pines.  Like…oaks.

I had a bunch of little oaks coming up around the yard, thanks to birds.  Most were about 6-9 inches tall.  I transplanted them into black plastic gardening buckets and for a year or so, I moved them around the yard in circles, creating my own sacred grove of trees.

Eventually, they ended up in particular spots, took permanent root there and now shade the back of the house.

I will soon need to thin them, and at that time, the ones that makes room for the rest will become either oak staff or wand.

What are 5 things that are sacred to you?  Tell me about it on your blog and give us the link below. 


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