Don’t Create Rooms Full of Anger and Hurt

Home offfice photos copyrighted by Lorna Tedder; all rights reserved.

I have a spare bedroom I’m painting and refurbishing so that it’ll make a beautiful guest room when my daughter is home from college or has friends over.  I didn’t finish it earlier in the year when I was too busy, but I’ve had plenty of time to wrap things up in the last two weeks.  I haven’t.  I know better.

I’ve been avoiding putting any of my creative energy into this room for one reason:  someone did something extremely hurtful to my daughter and me a couple of weeks ago and I know that all that anger and hurt would just go right into my creation.   And anyone sleeping in that room would feel the angry energy bouncing off the walls.

I’ve been very picky about

about who I’ve gotten to help me with refurbishing my house and yards.  Captain Earl has done wonders for my gardens and lawn, and it’s a sweet energy there when I walk around the outside of the my house.  He’s helped with my indoor creations, too, including my home office, to create a beautiful serene, lovely place for me to create and work.  When Justin was here with me, he helped me “build castles” out of my home, doing all sorts of chores and handyman jobs enthusiastically, and helping me design my rope-lighted patio.  With Todd, he commented often on all the things in my house that he appreciated, though he wasn’t part of building this serene place where I live.

I’ve long understood that what you put into a creation is energy and that energy stays with it.  I saw this with the clothes my mom made for me while I was growing up and with the clothes she made for my daughters.  Every stitch made with love–and putting a little part of herself into every stitch.  The girls always  told me how loved and safe they felt in dresses Grandma had made them.

So my guest room with the planned teal and tan paint, the bamboo curtain rods, the wood blinds, and the walls hangings will wait a little while longer.  My serenity is returning after a terrible upset, and when I’m sure that all I’m broadcasting is love and peace, that’s what I’ll put into this room.


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