The Passionate Queen of Wands

Originally published in Third Degree Curves

Photo credit by hradcanska; creative commons license

“Oh,” he says, picking up the Tarot card. He’s incredibly gifted, yet this is a new experience for him. He’s never seen these cards before, but I think they’re pretty and I share them to get his opinion. “The Lovers are a combination of the Prince of Cups and the Queen of Wands.”

I’m astonished by his quick insight and the depth of his interpretation of the different cards. He is correct, on every level. I myself have drooled over this deck for several months and had never made the connection.

Since this insight, I have read that the Queen of Wands and the Prince of Cups are often considered a pair, with the advantage of their coupledom being that the introspective and somewhat introverted Prince is able to help his Queen work through life on her inner planes and the disadvantage being that he is sometimes obsessed by and obsessed with his feelings.

For my personal card, I’ve been attracted to the Queen of Wands, sometimes Rods or Spears, for at least 5 or 6 years. When I first became interested in Tarot, like many newbies, I wanted the High Priestess for my card, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the Queen of Wands. Even though I loved the other Queens and particular aspects of them, Wands drew me in.

Since then, I’ve repeatedly appeared in Tarot readings-for me and for others-as the Queen of Wands or Queen of Rods, depending on the deck. I’ve begun to work with the visual aspects of the card and what it represents, using them for a model for myself.

The Queen of Wands, to me, is all about creativity and ideas, but also about hard work, commitment, and integrity. She has a bazillion projects going at once, and is both practical and successful in bringing her many efforts to harvest. She is a go-getter, a woman who makes things happen, even going against the currents to make them happen. She wears bright colors and shines and sparkles, drawing others to her.

She’s a bit of the Alpha Female, I suppose….a controlling and dominant woman, protective of those she loves. And though she isn’t always seen as emotional, she most definitely is…emotional, sensitive, intuitive, empathic, compassionate, loyal, and loving. This woman has emotions, knows that she has them, and acts on them. Cross her or threaten someone she loves, and you’ll see Mama Tiger’s claws come out.

She is independent and calmly authoritative, and in spite of her dominance, lets others be who they are and have their own space while being supportive, protective, nurturing. She’s capable, generous, and a bit dramatic at times.

She is a woman of tremendous power and life force and transforms not just herself but others. She is inspirational, a catalyst, full of the fire of passion and purpose, and is an agent of change, hopefully for the better. She is full of passion and the fire of life and creativity and love.

What a great role model!


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