Coming Up on the Horizon….More Applied Astrology

I know a lot of you come here for info on what I called “applied astrology.”  I am NO EXPERT but enjoy astrology as a hobby because I love looking at patterns and personalities, and I’ve learned the most about it by looking specifically at what’s going on in my chart and the charts of friends.   I have a lot of older material at this site, which I’m still cleaning up but you’re welcome to look at under the Astrology category to the right.

Meanwhile, because my birthday is coming up (solar return time!) AND I have Jupiter crossing significant points in my chart right now, I’ll probably focus a bit more on astrology over the next month.  Hmmm, no, I’ll probably talk more about applied astrology this year than usual–lots of interesting things happening in my chart right now with my vertex, Juno, Solar Return Sun in the Eighth House, Jupiter Return, changes in signs in my progressed chart….yes, a dynamic time for me, and that means that maybe I’ll be able to share something from my own chart that’s useful to you.

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