Sacred Space: Create your Own Holy Ground

  A new sacred space in my side yard, especially for sitting and watching Mother Nature, fairies, and haphazard falls of sunrays.

For a planned book, Searching for Serenity:  the Spiritual Way to De-Clutter your Life and Create Sacred Space

Create sacred space with altars, consecrated items, and intentions based in Universal Law.

Have you ever been to sacred places where you instantly knew you were on hallowed ground? Maybe it was a visit to Stonehenge or the Glastonbury Tor. Maybe it was an ancient Mayan temple of the sun or even a crop circle in rural England. Maybe it was a two-car garage doubling as a ritual room for a Temple of Isis following. Maybe it was a circle of grass around a firepit in the backyard of a Wiccan High Priestess or a quiet grove frequented by monks. Or maybe it was a stack of rocks once used as an altar by some unknown person of an unknown religion who kept in silent communion with Deity.

In any case, if you’ve visited a holy place, you’ve probably felt something while there. Maybe a quiet serenity or, if you’re a highly sensitive person, a buzzing energy that feels like electrical wires or fire ants on the skin.

What makes a place a space sacred? Two things: intention and practice.


Intention is purely the focus on one spot or in one spot on doing spiritual work there, of any religion. All these intentions, whether Christian, Wiccan, or some other brand of spirituality, are based in the Universal Laws, usually the Law of Attraction and the Law of One, though others may play a part as well. The Law of Attraction is normally the Universal Law that is used in prayer and in magick to bring things and ways of being into the physical realm. Focus, intention,and belief combine to answer prayer or ritual work.


Practice is a matter of doing spiritual work repeatedly in one physical area so that it develops into a sacred space.

For example, if you have a small table that you wish to make into a home altar where you spend a few moments each day to say a morning devotional or a prayer of gratitude, you would first start with consecrating that table for its sacred use. This would be the same as putting forth your intention to use the table as a tool in your worship process. Then, as you use the altar daily or at least regularly, the energy of your prayers and work done there begin to build, giving that altar a feeling of being a sacred space in your home.

How do you know it’s become sacred? Easy. When you walk through your home and note that your partner has left a couple of screws and a screwdriver from a small repair job or the kids have left the afternoon mail on top of your altar and you cringe and get those mundane things off as quickly as possible, well, then you know you’ve created sacred space.

You can also, if you’re a high sensitive person, feel the vibrations of the energy of that altar and know from the “buzzing” feel of it in your hands that it is indeed a sacred space.

The thing about holy ground is that once you recognize it for what it is, you cannot abide anyone defiling it. Several years ago, I watched a documentary about a Wiccan husband and a Christian wife in which the wife gleefully mentioned how she liked to walk through the husband’s backyard circle of stones every chance she got, even though her husband has asked her to respect the circle. He respected her beliefs and did not expect her to change for him, but he did want his own beliefs respected. I found myself thinking that he deserved better in a spouse. Purposely disrespecting his beliefs and defiling his sacred space by kicking over the rocks or ridiculing it was clearly–to me–a sign that she did not respect the man she’d married.

You can make your own holy ground and sacred space in your home and around it, even if you need to keep the hallowed ground a secret from disrespectful family members or prying visitors. All it takes is a little planning, your intention to create a connection to Deity at this very spot, and the steady practice of that connection.

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