Blessings to the Third Degree

Lord Midlight, Lorna Tedder Photo by Ais Portraits.

I am truly blessed.  I had the honor during this Solar Eclipse of January 2010 to facilitate the Third Degree Elevation of my youngest student, Lord Midlight, who began studying with me in August 2007.   During this time, I watched him really come into his own, and especially as a powerful manifestor.

I had to laugh afterwards as the group I was with went to dinner and out for some fun, and Midlight was still bouncing off the walls.  I give him 30 days for his feet to touch the ground!

Not that it was easy for him.  I don’t really know of anyone who goes through a multi-year series of spiritual lessons who breezes along.  The course itself is designed to challenge even the most grounded, and there are times

times when the lessons feel more like a curse than a spiritual path.           That said, I do think he had an easier time than many, strictly because he fully embraced the spiritual lessons and didn’t resist as hard as most of us do.  Or at least, that’s how it seemed from the outside.                He not only “got it,” but he wholeheartedly went after becoming a better version of himself.

When I was Initiated, I was under the impression that my Second Degree, not my First, would be the most difficult but I have seen differently in my own students.  For me, both were awfully hard, but largely because I couldn’t muster the courage to act on where Spirit was leading me during my First and so, even upon my Second Degree Elevation,  the lessons were piling up and the work became even harder and harsher.               The difficulties for me started within minutes of leaving my Circle behind right after my Initiation and didn’t stop until shortly after my Third.  Not that everything’s been all blue sky and ponies since then, but it was a rough ride.

I’ve noted in my students and in the students of others over the past few years that the First Degree seems the hardest for them.  Lots of trauma, drama, separations, heart-wrenching surprises, and points of nearly giving up.  For those who’ve embraced the lessons and moved forward, I’ve seen the amazement in their eyes at how much life has opened up for them.  For them, getting through that dreaded Second Degree was only a matter of fine tuning and really taking responsibility for their lives.

I sometimes wish I’d learned my own spiritual lessons earlier.  Or rather, that I’d acted on them earlier.  I learned them–I just didn’t do anything with what I’d learned until another year had passed and I’d had enough.  Sorta like being held down until I finally cried “Uncle!”  Or, in this case, “Morrigan!”

I’m very proud of Lord Midlight and have so enjoyed watching his growth as a person, a friend, and student.  I hope to continue to watch his growth now as a person, a friend, and equal.


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