Raising the Vibration of Your Home


My home is just how I like it.  It’s serene, different, and…well, something of a refection of myself.                I love that the men I socialize with romantically as well as guests who visit once a month for a spiritual or intellectual gathering find my home a sanctuary.  They tell me that they arrive at my house carrying the day’s anxieties and leave so relaxed they’re afraid they’ll fall asleep on the way home.  For several years now, I’ve referred to my home as “The Three of Cups,” a Tarot reference to harmony and bonding.

I’ve slowly been making the house “mine,” painting the walls in colors I love, bringing in esoteric objects that are personally sacred to me but would make a commercially successful home decorator cringe.  Eh, so be it.  These things delight me. My latest project has been to re-work the guest bathroom, using sunny yellows and backsplash “tins” in copper (shown at left).

It’s all part of an effort to increase the “vibrations” of my home.

I was first exposed to the idea of home vibrations and house energy about 6 years ago when

a spiritual-minded friend reluctantly allowed my negative mate to enter her house–and spent the next 6 months yelling at me for messing her the house energy.  She had invited him, yes, but she didn’t expect him to accept the offer.  He attended a party there, in an awful mood, but the house energy soon got to him and he relaxed and was having a wonderful time…until someone pointed it out to him.  I watched that home’s effect on person after person, and it was one of the few homes where I felt totally at ease kicking off my shoes and walking around barefoot–much like my own guests often do now.

My kids’ friends normally love my home.  They want to play with the many geodes and rocks or gaze at the crystal pendants that catch the sunlight in late afternoon.  The men I date are usually awed by the replica swords on the walls or the odd layout of certain rooms.   The house seems to chase off people who don’t belong–one of my younger teen’s wishy-washy acquaintances is “freaked out” when she walks through the door, but the friends who have been really good for her seem to glow as soon as they cross the threshold.   People who aren’t good for us tend to feel threatened the moment they walk in and can’t wait to leave.

There are a few things I’ve done to raise my home’s vibrations, or house energy, and I’m happy to share them with you here:

  1. Get rid of as much clutter as possible.  Clutter may be just lying there, but energetically, it’s very busy and draining.  It pulls your attention away from what’s important.
  2. Get rid of as much plastic as possible. Replace with natural fiber, wicker, wood, metal, glass.  Flower pots are the worst!  Get back to nature and back to what’s natural.
  3. Keep negative people out.  Instead of inviting over a relative or friend who’s only going to criticize your home or you or anything that takes up space on the planet, perhaps meet this person at a different location, even in their own home.  If their home’s energy is loaded with negativity, you can always shower it off but it’s hard to get rid of the negativity that comes into your house on someone else.  You can almost see the dust motes of negativity in the air behind them!
  4. Fill your home with good experiences.  Have positive friends over, and often.  Burn your favorite incense.  Play your favorite music.  Make it a wonderful place to be and somewhere you’re happy to come back to after a day at work.
  5. Select items in your home that are “sacred” to you.  I have at times had an altar in every room.  It’s easy enough to turn a shelf into a place of special memories of your family’s older generations to remind you of your roots and your foundation.  Create small nooks that make you smile every time you visit them, no matter your previous mood.  I have visited some homes that have a temple room or a prayer room, and the energy in that particular space is exponentially higher than anywhere else in the house.   It’s like walking into a vortex of buzzing electricity.
  6. This one’s kinda different but I saw this done in the most powerfully positively-charged home I’ve ever visited–another that I don’t think I ever wore shoes in, even from the first visit, because it felt like I was walking on sacred ground.  The energy in the house, from the moment you entered, felt like whomp-whomp-whomp around you.  I noted this as did as numerous others who attended healing circles there with me.  The occupant was a rather charismatic woman who–I am not making this up–honestly believed she was half-alien.  Her beliefs had to do with the fact that she’d overcome some terrifying situations in her youth and came to believe that only alien guardians could have kept her from being killed, in much the same way as others attribute rescues to guardian angels.  She came to believe that she could not get sick or get hurt, which led to some adrenaline-pumping car rides with her, but she always came out on top in any situation, regardless of whether others got hurt.  She was probably the best I have ever seen at manifesting her desires almost instantly.  She honored her sacred space and her desires by placing small stone or crystal pyramids on the highest points inside her home.  In each room, she had an amethyst, marble, quartz, or even turquoise pyramid set atop a curtain rod holder, a sconce, a lamp, or a window sill.   They served as reminders to her that she could have anything in this life that she desired.  I didn’t always approve of her methods of getting what she wanted, but she was extremely successful at it.

So try any or all of these 6 ways to raise your home’s vibrations.  I don’t doubt that just your intentions to raise them will make some change for the better.


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