A Day to Remember…at the Perfect Home Office

***Pic: My home office’s annex. That’s my desk.***

A day to remember. Not for what I accomplished but for what I didn’t. It was my day off, my day to catch up on things around the house, including laundry and dishes and correspondence. I had a billion things on my to-do list and finished…two and a half.

The folks at work were, I’m sure, expecting me to finish some files over the weekend and on my time off, even though I worked a whole extra day last week and then took a sick day as a result of a marathon-briefing-induced neckache. In fact,

I got a message Friday wanting to know if I’d finished a review yet that I have a whole 5 days allowed to do. I’m much faster than that but they wanted to know why it wasn’t done already in less than 2 days. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to work too many miracles, and I’m thinking that Star Trek’s Scotty had the right idea about everything being impossible and finding the answer at the last possible minute…so that people appreciate what you do or can do and don’t always take for granted that you’ll save somebody’s ass and they can reneg on their own duties. The lack of appreciation irritated me, but the snarkiness combined with the expectation that I’d save the day (quietly, with no applause) put me over the edge, and I opted for a no-work weekend.

***Pic: the view from my “office” today while chatting with a friend.***

So instead of racking up a list of all the things I accomplished today, I did next to nothing. Just enjoyed the serenity of the day, the beauty of it, the peacefulness.

I knew I still had many things to finish, both in the house and online, but instead of hyperventilating over everything, I concentrated on enjoying the moments, the baby birds in the box over my head, the bluejay that kept picking up bread from the wonderful Gathering in my home last night, the flowers that reminded me of my quick trip to Georgia this weekend. What little work I did do, I did outdoors in the world’s most perfect office, the one on my patio.

***Pic: the more relaxed view from my “office”–yes, toes up!***

That’s what makes today memorable–not the X’ing things off my checklist of things to do, but just enjoying an ordinary day that was extraordinary in how serene it was.

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