Finding My Vibrational Match: Increasing My Income

Find the right vibrational match and increase your income. It’s time to stop selling yourself short.

As part of my newest personal/spiritual development stretch, I’m raising my coaching rates and no longer discounting the prices on the books that I write. This is definitely a stretch for me.

For several years now, I’ve had clients and readers tell me, usually crying, how my assistance turned their lives around. Whether it was a one-on-one coaching session, steady reminders to stay on course toward their goals, or a short e-course or book on dealing with grief, I’ve helped to make a huge difference for some of the people I’ve worked with. I’ve modestly played it off in the past as how I’m just a conduit for the Divine to work through me. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m a conduit to be used up and melted down too ooze in the process. Not if I’m to continue to be a conduit and help people connect with their sacred path.

This is the part of me in which all those years of being told to be charitable, be selfless, to give-give-give is so ingrained. (Yeah, I’ve in the past been a vibrational match for a doormat.) I’m still wrapping my mind around how much my gifts are worth and railing against the decades of reminders that I should just open any vein should someone but ask. I did a reality check this week and compared my rates to others and yes, I’m in the middle of the range. I’m even a little higher priced now that so many others are lowering their rates to account for the economy.

There’s a part of me that says I need to lower rates to bring in more customers in order to see the same income levels. That means I’m working harder and harder…and I’m tired of worker harder for so many years. I want to work “easier” and be more appreciated. The people I generally sell to are highly spiritual–and broke. I’ve always gone in that direction, but I’ve decided to change it. Why? Because my own vibration has changed and so had my vibrational match.

To take better care of myself and bring myself more of what I do want–enjoying the work, freedom to be creative and mobile, the ability to share and be compensated for the energy I expend, the joy of sharing and teaching. I’m very good at what I do and there are plenty of other people who do the same type of work at lower prices. They’re still out there and clients and readers looking for a vibrational match will find them, I’m sure.

And they will (and are!) finding me at my higher rates. My business is actually trending up for my higher priced projects because I’m finding the right vibrational match in my clients and readers, and they willing and able to pay more for that particular match. It is–and there’s a huge lesson in this–the projects that were written with the greatest ease and the work that pays me the highest wage that is selling best for me.Life Coaching Tips

What about all my readers and clients who can’t afford me? I’ve taken care of that in a different way, and there’s something for them as well. First, I have a small group of people I work with, my own spiritual circle, and I’m available to them in person once a month as a group and by email individually. I charge nothing and I enjoy the exchange of energy because to keep getting, they have to keep giving of themselves and working toward their sacred path. I also have several spiritual Initiates I work with on an as-needed basis. Some live nearby; some don’t. They also, in order to receive, must put themselves wholeheartedly into their life lessons and move forward. I enjoy both groups immensely and my need to volunteer and give is fulfilled.

But for others, those who want everything free or those who simply don’t have the money to afford some of my projects, I offer a different kind of vibrational match. I have several websites right now with tons of free material. I’m doing a bit of consolidation which will result in about 3000 free articles online. So even if someone can’t afford a $250 coaching session or a $50 course or a $20 ebook, that’s okay. They can find what they need, what they’re vibrationally matched to.

I won’t feel guilty over that–I’ll feel happy about that–while I’m being appreciated on a different frequency by those who can afford it.


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