March 2009’s Full Moon Meditation and Ritual Ideas

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The March Full Moon, aka the Full Worm Moon or Full Crow Moon, occurs in Virgo on March 10, 2009 at 9:37 PM Central time here in the Florida Panhandle. This Full Moon, I feel, is all about…some unexpected healing or service, even if the service is to yourself. It carries a six of swords kind of energy, the Tarot card that usually reflects travel or service to mankind. But more on that in a moment.

Virgo, an earth sign, is generally practical, perfectionist, analytical, and—sometimes—woundingly critical. This particular full moon will herald some surprises, I think, because there are some strong influences around it. Surrounding this full moon, we have a Sun-Uranus conjunction (potential for upsets and shakeups), a Moon-Saturn conjunction (heaviness or restriction of emotion), Sun opposite Saturn (frustration and conflict), plus a conjunction of Chiron (healing), Neptune (uncertainty), and Mars (aggression) giving us a need to take action but being uncertain of it in light of our past wounds. Expect the unexpected this week and watch for opportunities to heal, though it will be up to you whether you want to take them.

For example… In just the last 2 days of this moon’s influence, I’ve had several

several near misses in my car from people not paying attention, seen cars driving the wrong way down one-way streets, people accidentally mis-dialing and getting someone from their past, and general turbulence from unexpected corners with strange opportunities.

My favorite was getting a call from a guy who chickened out of a date at the last minute—over a year ago–and then blew me off whenever I said hello afterward. It was off-putting back then because we’d hit it off. I guess he never took my number out of his phone directory because he called to ask for a reference for his commercial appraisal business. When I returned his call, it became clear very quickly that he’d mixed up my name with someone else’s. He was very embarrassed and stammered his way off the phone with promises to call back. But his unexpected confrontation presented a new possibility: after no contact for so long, I had a second chance at reconnecting. He’d bruised my ego by ditching me 15 minutes before our date, though at least he called. When I examined my current feelings about the situation and what I wanted to do about it, I discovered quickly that I’m not interested in him anymore, at all, and that old bruise faded on the spot.

For those of you who routinely read my suggestions for meditations, you know how this works. I share this unraveling of images I have just before a New Moon, Full Moon, and/or Eclipse and you’re welcome to use what makes sense to you. For most of last year, I’ve been following this “story” of a river of emotions connected with Moon phases–everything from bridges over rivers to the structure that holds the river in its banks, to surfing the river, to becoming the river, to rising above the river in a parasail…all taking me “around the riverbend” to a beautiful new vista that is lush and green. For those of you who know me personally, you’ve watched in amazement and then horror at how some of these influences have played out in my life and how I’ve been healing from some heartbreaks and reached a place of happiness again.

For links to previous meditations, just search the Astrology or Ritual category on this site.

Thus far, the past year’s meditations have included Bridges, Riverbanks/Structures, Surfing/Sailing, Parasailing, Becoming the River, Rocks, Rebuilding the Riverbanks, Covered in Healing Mud, Washing off the Mud and Dancing Naked in the Sunlight, Beginning to Play in the River Again, Full-on Splashing in the River, and Speeding around in Fun but Directionless Circles in my little boat. Which brings us to this Full Moon’s meditation: In this meditation, I am well past that point of standing beside the river, licking my wounds after the bashing from last Autumn. I have been dipping my toes in the river, dancing tentatively in the sunlight, and splashing watch all around. I have hopped into my little boat, the one without oars or a rudder. In spite of all the hurt of this past year, I’ve decided that it’s worth it to get back on the river and see where it takes me, even though I’m not steering. My motor is running and I’m moving forward even though I don’t really know where I’m going.

I have been content in the past month to enjoy the sunshine and let my motor propel me to wherever it will without waiting for the things I want in life to hop in the boat with me. I’m moving forward, regardless.

But here is the new part of this progressive meditation: as I move forward down the river, I am aware of a passenger ahead. Whether that passenger is a person or a desire, I don’t know. But I can see him in the water, not as secure as I am in my boat and perhaps being bashed against the same rocks as I was last Autumn. I lean out of the boat, hooking my arm for the drowning man to catch. He is an unexpected passenger, and I am able to link arms and pull him into my boat as I move ever forward. It is a service to him, yes, that I have brought him into a safer place with me, but for me, I have a travelling companion now on my journey, whether he be a dream, a lover, or a need.

Watch for unexpected things coming into your life over the next month. Some will seem difficult or heavy to deal with and other may be filled with confrontation. All, however, are an opportunity to bring something aboard with you that can make your journey more enjoyable. It may require a degree of service you didn’t expect, but it can clear out the old wounds and shape a better future for you.

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