Uranus-Venus Conjunction

Applied Astrology: “Terrifying” Uranus-Venus Conjunctions

Exploring the transformative journey of the Uranus-Venus conjunction reveals unexpected shifts in creativity, relationships, and self-perception.

For years, I’ve been a little terrified of what it would mean when Uranus transitted my Natal Venus.  If you’re not conversant in astrology,  please understand that I tend to think of it as a language rather than a science and that it’s all about patterns with celestial bodies as the symbols for those patterns.  Most of you reading this, however, probably found it because you’re particularly interested in how Uranus and Venus interact, and I can certainly give you some real-life examples for you to keep in mind as you explore further.

Uranus is the planet that represents big shake-ups, electrical jolts, change, surprises, and shockwaves. When its current position in the sky touches an area where one of the planets/asteroids/Sun/moon was at the moment you were born (your natal chart), then there’s some kind of big shake-up that happens in the area of your life represented by that planet/asteroid/Sun/moon.  In this case,  I’m speaking of Uranus being conjunct my Natal Venus, which is normally considered a representative of romance.   This is an occurence that happens usually only once in our lives, unless we live to be very, very old and then it would normally happen near the beginning and end of our lives.  I know that I’ll not see it again…except that I’m seeing it three times in a year.  More on that!

There are also oppositions and squares (hard angles) and then softer angles like Uranus trine Venus or Uranus Sextile Venus, but in this case the culprit is Uranus conjunct Venus, which means Uranus passes over the exact degree where Venus was at the moment I was born.  And I’ve heard terrifying stories of the effects.

Remember, I think of astrological influences like weather influences.  Just because there’s a storm predicted doesn’t mean I have to stay indoors.  It just gives me choices, and those choices may be to stay indoors or they may be to go dance in the rain.  Mostly, over the years, I’ve heard that this particular conjunction is definitely a lightning storm and that it would destroy any long-term relationship or marriage.   I’ve heard it described as a mid-life crisis effect, the kind where you ditch your spouse of 20 years and go after that hot young thing you just met.  It’s been known to break up marriages.  In other cases–few and far between–it’s breathed life into a dull relationship, shaking it up and giving it new excitement.

After a grueling AND liberating few years where Uranus crossed my Ascendant (who I appear to be in the world), then my Chiron (wounding/healing/wholeness), and then my Sun (self), I had a right to be nervous when it reached Venus.  After all, during those Uranus influences, I left my 2-decade spouse (not because there was another man but because I finally had to be FREE to be myself), and embarked on a whole new life without knowing if anything I’d ever had before would still be there for me, including my friends, career, family, possessions, reputation, anything).  It had been terribly difficult but at the same time, I’d emerged with a new sense of who I am and who I can be that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

But still, I was nervous about this Uranus-Venus conjunction.   I didn’t have a spouse or a boyfriend, I told myself, so at least I didn’t have to worry about a break-up!  But I also knew that I’d have to face the Uranus-Venus conjunction three times in quick succession because Uranus would cross my Venus, then retrograde.  In other words, if it were a car on a street, it would run me over, then back up to look at me in its headlights, and then run me over again.  Sorry for the  violent analogy, but that was certainly my fear.

For 4-6 weeks, the influence of Uranus on Venus would be at its strongest.  This happened for me in April-May 2008, August/September/October 2008, and now in January/February/March 2009–and then Uranus will move on.  I now know exactly its influence on me these three times, and it is moving forward now,  leaving me changed forever in several distinct ways.  I knew the day it started because I could feel the electricity of it.  There was an excitement in the air,  one that made me want to focus on that excitement rather than sleep, and my average hours of sleep per night dropped to 3 or 4 because I was so enthralled with these new things Uranus brought to me.

Uranus-Venus conjunction #1:  

Venus represents creativity and my passion for creating all sorts of new works of art shot sky-high.  I could not turn it off.  For all the energy and excitement of creating new things, though, I also figured out that I could have help in it, that I could delegate the more mundane things, and that in some cases, I could hire out parts of my projects so that I could put my creativity to a more financially rewarding purpose.  My creativity and finances blended, suddenly, very effectively and efficiently.  Definitely a eureka moment. Did I mention that Venus can also represent money?

Uranus-Venus conjunction #2: 

I met someone. Out of the blue, completely unexpected, never a person I would have considered.  He found me, though.  All I had to do was show up.  The stereotypical Venus conjunction of excitement, extreme passion, high romance?  Yep, that was it.              

You know all that romantic, idealistic love of a romance novel?  I always thought it was an ideal, not something that really existed, but he proved me wrong.  I realized exactly how much I’d been missing in my marriage and in previous relationships, and that what I really wanted and wanted to be real, did in fact exist.  It wasn’t just a wish. Even the very best partnerships I’d ever had in my life were suddenly pale by comparison, and there was such a strong connection between us that by the end of the first month together, I would have married him on the spot.

Uranus-Venus conjunction #3: 

In astrology, Venus is also a representative of physical attractiveness.  Though I’ve been exercising and eating well for the past year (except during that time of high romance when I ate too many eclairs and chips!),  a new kind of energy struck me and I found exactly the food regimen and exercise I liked.  Not that I hadn’t found these before and tried them before, but they suddenly felt good and right and were EASILY incorporated into my daily routine.  I now work out 6 or 7  days a week and can’t wait to do it every day.  The foods I eat give me lots of energy and stamina.  At the fourth week of this conjunction, I’m down 8.5 pounds, net, because I’ve also gained a lot of muscle.  My heart rate is down, my stamina is way up, I feel GOOD almost all the time, I don’t feel sluggish or too tired, and I’m walking faster than ever.  It’s not been about “weight loss”  or about “getting healthy” but about “feeling good.”  And the result of doing physical things that make me feel good is that  I’m suddenly getting a whole lot of male attention.  But even better?  For the first time in my life, I am becoming comfortable enough with my own physicality that, well, that I really like it.

So if you’re worried that Uranus will destroy your relationships by bringing in some new romance you’re not sure you want, stop worrying.  That’s not necessarily how this conjunction with Venus manifests.  Venus represents passion, romantic love, creativity, finances, attractiveness, and probably a few other things I’ve failed to mention.  However it manifests in your life, though, rest assured that what you learn from Uranus’ visit will leave you forever changed, and hopefully, for the better.

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