Hurricane Gustav and Mother Nature's Animal/Insect Warnings

I’ve been through many, many hurricanes, and Hurricane Gustav has made me feel anxious since it was a blip in the Atlantic that no one but the online meteorologists were talking about.  It’s as if something energetic, something in the Ether, gets all worked up, as if the energy of an area is preparing for the distruption.  Animals and insects feel it.  I’m an empath and so do I.

Though Hurricane Dennis hit close to me as a Cat 4, I evacuated at the last minute about 20 miles inland to a friend’s house, mainly because I didn’t want to be alone.  I was never afraid of that storm at all, and it did extremely little damage in my residential area.  With Tropical Storm Fay, I had the feeling of “drizzle” –more like water coming down than rising up.  With Hurricane Ivan, which did mega-damage here, I got the distinct impression of “RUN.”  I had some damage but my home is well-built and other than a huge tree on the roof, it wasn’t too bad…but I also did a tremendous amount of working with my Angels right before I left and a lot of putting my own energy and magick into my property.  With Hurricane Katrina, I had the same antsy feeling as now–but with a sense that my own home would be safe and that New Orleans and coastal Mississippi were the main target areas of devastation.  We barely felt it here, except those of us who are empaths.   But Gustav has had that same Katrina-feel to me, with a feeling of New Orleans being deeply affected.

I listen to my instincts moreso than The Weather Channel.  And I watch the animal and insect activity, especially about two days before a storm is forecast to hit anywhere close to my area.  When the animals evacuate, so do I.

I’ve spent the late afternoon today, about two days out from the storm, perusing my property.  It’s been a warm afternoon and a little quiet, with the usual lizards and redbirds.  No crows–I see lots of those before a hurricane.  No dragonflies, which tend to hatch in time to feed off of the mosquitoes from post-storm waters.  No unusual ant activity, such as building mounds close to the house, ants in the house, or crawling everywhere in the grass, signs that portend a lot of water activity in a storm.  I did find a few mounds in the edge of the neighbor’s yard, at a high point on the property but also where there are no sprinkler systems and no general rain run-off.  Ants in my yard were quite sparse, with a few near a high spot where we’ve recently cleared brush.  I understand that turtles are nesting 120 miles west of here in the Mobile/western Florida area, maybe closer, so that’s a good sign of no devastating storms.

I’ll continue to update any animal signs here over the next few days.  If you’re seeing unusual animal and insect activity where you are, please feel free to post in the comments, but please include your location.

Update, pre-storm:  I walked outside after midnight (Sunday AM) with the Army Ranger and there was a swarm of dragonflies around the porch light, a baby snake on the doorstep, and a plague of tiny frogs on the patio.  Grasshoppers were in the bushes and other nightlife was quite loud in the stillness of the night.  All very unusual.

Update, post-storm:  Back home, Monday late afternoon, and there’s been plenty of rain and wind but no real damage here (Destin/Niceville, Florida).  Very, very windy, and I can see sand and/or mist in the air from the Gulf.  I need to get a tree surgeon out this week to trim up a few trees, though.  There were tornadoes here but none on my property.  Back in GA, where we evacuated to and where there was so much water dumped from Tropical Storm Fay a week ago,  the mosquitoes are HUGE and AGGRESSSIVE, with swarms of dragonflies and ants loose in the grass or with high mounds built to avoid the water-logged fields.  The drive back was slightly windy, with lots of wind in the last 20 miles, but uneventual.  Relatives in middle-GA were getting tons of rain from the outflow of Gustav.


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