Fun with the Politics of Astrology

Both Obama and McCain’s vice-president picks are intriguing, from an astrological viewpoint, especially in this struggle between Saturn (experience, structure, the old way of doing business) and Uranus (change, shake-ups), which is playing out in  politics with great fanfare and will be exact, astrologically, on Election Day.   Obama has definitely been the most Uranian of all the presidential candidates, Democrat and Republican, with Clinton  taking the Saturn-like approach in the Democrats’ race.

Obama has now balanced his Uranian ticket astrologically with Biden, a Saturn-type with lots of experience.  Today McCain balanced his Saturn-like ticket with a rather Uranian choice in Palin,who is known as a reformer.

When I heard that Sarah Palin was born February 11, two years after me, I did a double-take.  First, because she has a stellium (like me) in Aquarius, which tends to mean a true visionary, a reformer, a revolutionary.  I can relate.  And second, because I have about a dozen friends and acquaintances with the same February 11th birthday and they currently have Neptune in conjunction with their natal sun, as she does.  It’s a configuration that involves idealism and the meaning of life/what they idealize.  This has different ramifications for different people—depending on what they’ve been doing with their lives over the past few years.  For those who have been clearing out the cobwebs, they are enjoying amazing relationships and career opportunities. (Two of my best friends come to mind.)  It’s a time of positive growth, and really feeling that they’ve found their purpose and understanding where they fit in in the Universe.  For those who have deceived others or themselves or not cleared out those cobwebs from previous years,  they are facing exposure and embarrassment…or, if they’ve simply been deceiving themselves with idealizing the wrong things, extreme disappointment.

I’ll be watching closely to see how this influence affects Sarah Palin.  Given the frenzy of media activity, if there’s something embarrassing, I’m sure we’ll know about it over the next few weeks.

**NOTE:  According to CNN, she was born February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Nothing yet on the time of birth, but some websites are putting out synastry ‘scopes for her and McCain, using noon as her birthtime…which makes the chart pretty darned useless unless she really was born at noon!

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