Are You Suffering from NEWT BITES?

She turned me into a newt! by jurvetson.

Photo by jurvetson; creative commons license.


Seems this terrible little plague is everywhere.NEWT BITEs.   Ever heard of them?

Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably experienced their unexpected sting.Sometimes they’re bigger NEWTs than other times, and can lay you up for a few days or even weeks before you “get better.”

Most of the time, they’re just annoying little distractions.  Like one I received at work last week when someone with three days’ experience in my career field tried to tell me how to do something I have excelled at for over 20 years.  Or the woman at the movie ticket kiosk  last Friday night when her husband stood behind me, six feet away, yelling at her about how the kiosk might work.  Or my daughter’s high-school-educated grandmother giving her advice on what to do in college.

Most of the time, I ignore them or slap them dead on the spot.  Sometimes, though, I get NEWT BITEs in a sensitive spot and can’t ignore it.

Life Coaching Tips

You’ve probably gotten a few NEWT BITEs, too, even if you didn’t have a name for this ridiculous plague.

No Experience With That– But I‘m The Expert!


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