Giveaway Time! Let’s Celebrate Taurus

As the Sun moves into Taurus 20 April, it’s time to celebrate with a give-a-way.  Why?  Well, because CELEBRATE EVERYTHING is my personal theme for this year and if you look, it’s not hard to find good things in life.

The prize is a pretty orange and blue Balance-and-Expression necklace by a local artist, as seen in the pic above.  (White onyx pyramid and 19th-century rare book not included!)  According to the artist, the stones are carnelian (orange) and sodalite (blue), both of which are excellent for achieving emotional balance as well as creativity and self-expression.  

Entering our giveaway is easy, and you get a link back to your blog or website.  The winner will be chosen randomly using and posted on The Spiritual Eclectic when the contest ends.

To enter the giveaway, simply link to  this post:

 Come, Fire-Drink with Me, Baby! 

Leave a comment below or email us using the contact form at so we don’t miss your link!

Put the link in any context you want, such as:

Who needs absinthe when you can fire-drink with The Spiritual Electic?  Check out the story behind Come, Fire-Drink with Me, Baby! 


Need to let loose?  It took advice from three authors before Lorna Tedder was shouting Come, Fire-Drink with Me, Baby! 


I thought this post was kinda interesting:  Come, Fire-Drink with Me, Baby! 

Eh, you get the idea….

If you don’t have a blog, we’ll accept MySpace (public) pages, websites, review sites, Squidoo pages, or any other web-based media that you can put a link on.

Here’s where it’s a win-win for everyone, even if our randomizer doesn’t pick you link as the winner. We will give a link back to everyone who enters at the bottom of this post. If you sell items or services online, this is a great way to advertise to a tightly targeted market!  Just leave a comment with a link to the page where your link is located. Let us know what page you would like us to link to and what anchor text (if any) you want us to use, such as Amazing Tarot Services or Willow Sue’s Healing Journal.


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