Me vs The Almighty: Hold to Your Vision!

If you’ve ever spent your fire to MAKE something happen, following your own convictions, and had someone else try to use your fuel for their own fire, you know how important it is to hold to your own vision if you’re going to make it happen.

I met The Almighty while manifesting a new project that’s been quite important to me.  Not THE Almighty, just someone who thinks he is.

He’d heard about something I wanted to manifest and wanted to be a part of it.  He himself wanted to manifest something similar he said.  Only, I’d taken steps to make it happen and he’d not done anything except contact me after hearing of what I was doing.  He had thought about doing the same things I had but…well, there was always an excuse, though they were certainly viable excuses.

This guy had it all– he was brilliant, charismatic, good-looking, all outwardly successful and supposedly as qualified in every way to manifest this particular outcome as I am.   His initial contacts with me were friendly and he even, I felt, tried to ingratiate himself through a few well-chosen phrases.  My guard went up with him, though I didn’t know why at the time.  I just stuck to my plan and welcomed him into the fold as part of what I’m working to manifest.  Still, I had this inkling of “Why is he involved?  What could he possibly get out of this?  This isn’t for him.”  My vision of what this project offered to those working with me would have been like a college professor going back to kindergarten to learn his colors.

To be very frank, this project is 100% my baby.  It will be done as I envision or I won’t be involved.  I’ve already been given my “directions” by Spirit about how to do this, and I won’t settle for it being something else.  I know how it’s supposed to look. I’d been very precise in explaining what I was looking to manifest, and everyone who got involved–about 15 people–was thrilled to have the opportunity to work on this project and had the same outcome in mind as I did.

I had to work late on a couple of occasions, so The Almighty stepped in, mentioning that he has more experience with this than I do.  Except that I’d already told everyone I was working late and when we’d resume. Except that The Almighty does not have more experience with this than I do.   The first time it happened, I was too busy with work to worry about what he was doing and decided to chalk it up to being overzealous about something new and exciting.

He began, within the next few days, to try to make this project look like something other than what I was trying to manifest.  His subtle manipulations turned not so subtle, and he told me how I was doing it all wrong and how this project should look.   When I explained that what he wants to manifest has never been my vision and I’ve been clear on my vision all along, he accused me of not being serious about the project.

It’s only now as I write this that I remember a clairvoyant friend telling me, about this project, “Hold to your vision!”  That was many weeks ago, and I’d forgotten it and at the time, I couldn’t imagine why she was so adamant that I not let anything or anyone change my focus.

But as for The Almighty,  he has gone off in a flounce, not able to commandeer the project I’ve brought this far and change it into his vision.  It’s still my vision, and it is manifesting EXACTLY the way I wanted.

As for me, I will share my light and heat without giving away my fire.