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Eclipses are wonderful times to harness the power of the moment for a personal new moon ritual. They also have a tendancy to surprise me with little messages that come up, sort of like a spiritual ad lib.

Last night under a bright smattering of stars, with grass under my bare feet and glowing fire pit before me, I felt that calm, that serenity, that often comes at the end of a personal ritual, especially after an edgy day. I’ve known for a few weeks that this eclipse will usher in some big but positive changes for me, and I already have a good idea of what some of them are (I’ll post that to my private list in a few days when they even out, or maybe to here, depending). Some things are manifesting in the physical at last, and in exactly the way I’ve been wanting though with some surprises.

But as I ended my ritual with a smile and contentment, admiring the red embers in the fire pit, I distinctly heard in my head, “I welcome a most exquisite time into my life, one filled with adoring men and people who love my work.”

Exactly what that means, time will tell…but it’s pretty exciting!

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