Fun and Games with Eclipses

Photo  of the 3 October 2005 Eclipse by   Victor Nuno  

For those of you who follow astrology and enjoy watching patterns, a lot is going on  in the next couple of weeks.  We just had Pluto enter business-minded, structured Capricorn, which will have interesting ramifications on the global turf or, if you prefer, the things happening in our world over the next decade and a little more will define how we view the Capricorn generation.  (For those of you who aren’t astrology fans,  think of it as a way of naming patterns, and Pluto’s cycles are used to described certain generations and the influences on him, ‘kay?)

Then there’s Mars going direct, Mercury going retrograde (the Murphy’s Law of astrology that says your computers, communication, and transportation will all blow up for the next 3 weeks), and–here’s where you can get nervous–a couple of eclipses coming up.  Eclipses are considered a sign of things moving forward very quickly, speeding them up or giving them a jump start.

Yeah, like I need more jumpstarts!           Over the past few weeks, South Node has been conjuncting my Natal Uranus in my Sixth House of Health and Work.  That’s supposed to mean some big shake-ups in my health and work.  LOL.  Anyone been following my personal blog recently?   I’ve had some apocalytic “Tower Card” situations in two areas of my life–health and work.

So what happens when an eclipse conjuncts one of your natal planets?  Some people say it’s like the transformational blast/upset of Pluto acting on that planet.  In other words, if the eclipse is at the same degree as a particular planet in your birthchart, then the life areas represented by that planet will be where you have a sudden upset…more like a nuclear strike on that planet.

Or so some say.  But let’s look into my chart for the past few years, as well as my private journals, and see what was shaping up for me then.

Ah, how about 28 August 2007?   The lunar eclipse was at…4 degrees Pisces.  Strange….that’s the exact degree of my Ascendant.  What was happening in my life that day?  Well, the first thing was a couple of emails asking if I was going bankrupt and closing Spilled Candy, and within 48 hours, there were 1000’s of people screaming at me on MySpace, calling me all sorts of very un-nice things and emailing lies about me.  A lot of wonderful people came to my defense, too, and knew how difficult those days were for me because of  family health issues and a few close friends knew I was having major problems getting oxygen at that time, but for the most part, nobody knew I was having all the symptoms of heart failure.  But that one particular day was a bolt of out the blue when things just couldn’t have hit any harder or any worse as far as my reputation.  And what does the Ascendant represent?  How the outer world sees you.  Oh, and just for grins, it was also conjunct a fixed star that represents destructiveness and sorrow.

So here are the past few years’ big eclipses, those big drama-producers.  Keep in mind that some say that lunar eclipses tear down and get rid of while solar eclipses regenerate.  Hmmm, yes, a lot of Pluto similarities in that idea.

Let’s try 14 March 2006, with a lunar eclipse at 14 Virgo.  Exact conjunction with my Black Moon Lilith.  That was the day I realized something had been going on behind my back and ended the relationship.  My instincts caused me to ask a particular question and the answer I got shocked me.  It was a major event for me, and one that changed the course of my life.

How about 29 March 2006?  Solar eclipse at 8 Aries 35.  The closest in my chart would have been Eris, the asteroid that represents sexuality, but the conjunction wasn’t exact.  My records don’t show anything substantive occuring that day.

Let’s try 7 September 2006, with a lunar eclipse at 15 Pisces.  Nope, nothing close.   The solar eclipse two weeks later at 29 Virgo?  Nope, nothing close BUT a friend with Pluto at that exact degree had a major death/rebirth issue that day.

Moving into 2007,  let’s look at 3 March iwth a lunar eclipse on my birthday at 13 Virgo.  Close to my Black Moon Lilith but off by a degree.  No major trauma or drama that day. Meanshile, the 18 March solar eclipse at 28 Pisces wasn’t close to anything and passed uneventfully as well.

The 28 August eclipse, I’ve alreayd discussed, but how about the one right after, on 11 September when the solar eclipse at 18 Virgo 24 was to mean regeneration?  Interesting.  I have my Vertex (turning points) at 18 Virgo 42. which is pretty darned exact. Were there any turning points in my life then?  Yes, a personal one.  I remember the date because of a letter I received.  It was a good thing, regenerating in a very nice way.

So here we are in 2008 with some eclipses coming up.  Am I nervous?  Hell, yeah.  Excited, too.  I went a little farther back in my own charts than I’m showing here because there are details I don’t care to share, but what I’m seeing is that, in general, when the eclipse is exact to something in my chart, rather than even a degree off, there is a dramatic effect in that area of my life.  If the eclipse is lunar, then yes, it does seem to be about things being destroyed whereas solar eclipses tend to bring new life into those areas of my life.

Time for me to look ahead:

6 Feb 2008, a solar eclipse (yay!) at 17 Aquarius 44.  My South Node is at 17 Aquarius 54.  The South Node is usually karmic, so this one could be rather intense.  I’ll have to let you know…if I can.  It’s in the Twelfth House for me–you know, secret enemies and clandestine affairs.  Hmmmm.  Then again, it’s also the House of positive transformations and spirituality.

20 Feb 2008, a lunar eclipse at 1 Virgo 52.  Yes, by now you should be checking your own charts!   For me, the closest thing is my Descendant, but it’s several degrees away.

Just for  good measure, the eclipse of 1 August doesn’t match up for me, but 16 August is exact on my Jupiter, planet of expansion and business.  Then next January, the eclipse conjuncts my Saturn (damn these stelliums!) for what might just break apart some more restrictions.

After that, the eclipses leave my planets alone for a while.  I’ll probably need the rest!

Head on over to and run your own charts, see where the eclipses fall in your life!

c Lorna Tedder

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