Applied Personal Development Means Evolving into Your Best Self

Photo copyright by jennifer buehrer; creative commons license.

Personal Development tools, when actually used, can help you find your life purpose and evolve into your best self. Hundreds of free, original articles suggest ways of managing your personal growth so you’re on solid ground when you face a mid-life crisis, major tragedy, or upsetting shake-ups.

The problem?

All those articles, books, courses, and life coaching seminars mean nothing if you don’t actually apply what you learn. And that’s the hard part, isn’t it? Taking real steps to make those changes and transform your life into what you want it to be?

I grew up in a small community where the local church members frequently worried over the topic of evolution. They obsessed over the question of where we came from. At some point in my life—probably after my divorce, when I was a single mom going through a mid-life crisis and determined to heal myself through deep self-inquiry—I decided the questions of man vs monkey were not the least bit important to me. I was no longer

interested in where I had come from, except to look at the patterns in my life that were holding me back from becoming my best self. Instead, I began to focus on evolution not as what we as a species had evolved from but what we’re evolving into, particularly how best for me to evolve as a productive, spiritual person.Life Coaching Tips

Personal development means personal evolution and the only way we can evolve is by taking a proactive approach to our personal growth and actually applying the tools given to us.