Typical Interactions in My Life

A plastic ball full of sparkles.  Not exactly as unbreakable as a snow globe, and not nearly as effective as a crystal ball.  Photo copyright by Lorna Tedder; all rights reserved.

From the upcoming book, Passion to the Third Degree

(Originally published in 2007)


“Mommy, I’m so proud of my camera card: it came through the washing machine just fine!”

“‘Fondle-able’ is not a conjunctive adverb. Try that with someone who isn’tan English major.”

“‘Beware that hooded man at the rudder!’” (“Don’t Pay the Ferryman”)

“No, Shannon, I’m not behind your car in one that looks like mine. I’m behind my desk. No, that’s not me waving back at you.”

Writer Daughter to Writer Mom: “If I ran over someone with a bicycle, what kind of injuries would they have? It’s, um, for a story I’m writing with my friend.”

Writer Mom to Writer Daughter: “I understand, honey, but I really don’t know. However, if you need to know the best way to decapitate a pregnant woman, I’ve already researched that.”

Lita Ford still reminds me of ass-less chaps.”