What’s Happening with this Site?

So here’s what’s happened….

If you’ve stumbled across this blog, the first thing you should know is that I’ve been focused on other pursuits—recovering from a medical issue, a dying mother, moving three times, just breathing—for the last few years.  I haven’t posted anything new here recently. Yes, that means I have lots of interesting insights of applied astrology during this time, and I may have to write about them for you … if there’s enough of a demand.

The second thing you should know is that in 2022, my site host made some behind-the-scenes changes that resulted in every post being corrupted, and I’m in the process of fixing that now. 

The third thing you should know is that I have waffled on keeping this archive or disbanding it entirely, and I’ve decided to keep it.  This site still gets a ton of traffic, and I feel a little like I’ve abandoned my readers here, but there’s only so much Lorna to go around!  Some of the posts have been incorporated into my non-fiction books, such as Shielding for Empaths (available soon—I had to stop and get a new cover after my designer disappeared).

If you’d like to keep up with my content and new posts, I urge you to sign up for my mailing list for 2-4 short missives a month.  I share exclusive bonus content with my subscribers as well as first news of books and freebies/discounts/deals, and I often write about my latest research for one of my witchy novels. 

I need to reconnect with you to see what interests you and how we can fit into each other’s lives again.   Depending on the response I get, I’ll start writing again to some extent about applied astrology, empathic skills, meditation, etc.  As you know, everything in life is a trade-off and we all have to decide where to put our energy, such as “Do I write this blog post or novel chapter that interests only 100 people or do I spend that time instead writing lucrative business guides with nary a hint of paranormal thoughts?” 

To be transparent, I will make the decision of how much new content I post here based on the following metrics:

  • the number of mailing list signups and engagement;
  • the number of ratings and reviews my books get at major retailers or book recommendation sites; and
  • the amount of increased traffic this site receives or the number of sales/downloads/reads my books get.

Ultimately, what I’m looking for is a sense of connection and positivity with like minds who are as eager as I am to delve into subjects like astrology, clairvoyance, meditation, health, Law of Attraction, magic, energy, empathy, chakras, experiments of the week, relationships, sacred spaces, positive thinking, personal evolution, Tarot, and rituals.  

Let’s see where this goes, shall we?