El Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

Santiago Cathedral

The Cathedral, our Camino de Santiago destination

In May 2012, in celebration of my 50th birthday, I walked a portion of the legendary El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain with my daughter, who was also celebrating her graduation from college.  I’ve decided to capture my experiences in an upcoming novel, Epitaph for the Forgotten (one of my Secret Lives of Librarians books) as well as occasional insights in articles I post here on The Spiritual Eclectic blog.

Cathedral destination of camino de Santiago

Me in front of the Cathedral after walking the Camino de Santiago

My Articles / Blog Posts about the Camino de Santiago

As I post articles, I’ll add them to this page, oldest at the top of the list.

Journey and Pilgrimage: Finding the Straight Way Again – Before the trip, contemplating the journey and what it means

The Power of Gluten: Why Gluten-Free Will NEVER be a Fad Diet to Me – Health issues and walking the Camino de Santiago

Lessons from the Camino de Santiago: Romantic Relationships – How an experience at Cebreiro Pass cemented my decisions about my romance and relationships

Lessons from the Camino de Santiago: You Find What You Focus On…Good or Bad – Thoughts about those pesky yellow arrows along St. James’ Way

Hurricane Isaac Evacuation and Lessons from the Camino – How The Road taught me just how little I really need in the world

Spiritual Lessons from the Camino de Santiago: You Can Never Go Back the Way You Came – Four months after my pilgrimage, I find the insights growing ever stronger.

The Hardest Part of the Camino de Santiago:  Return to Society – Difficulty with re-entry after being on pilgrimage.

Spiritual Lessons from the Camino de Santiago: My Only Regret – Not overpacking, under training, under preparing, but allowing myself to be pressured into “keeping up.”

My Videos about the Camino de Santiago

Video of the Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela – A quick view of the courtyard area in front of the Cathedral–notice the bagpipes playing

My Pinterest Board about the Camino de Santiago

http://pinterest.com/lornatedder/planning-for-el-camino-de-santiago/ –  features some of the items I bought in planning and my post-trip thoughts on them — I’ll add to this one as I’m reminded of what I had in my backpack

My Books about the Camino de Santiago

Epitaph for the Forgotten — My next writing project, expected to be compete in spring 2013; Camino from Cebreiro to Santiago will be heavily featured (this is much of the part of the Road that was omitted from the movie THE WAY due to length of the movie)

Last Priest of a Dead God — Novella; current writing project; Pilgrimage is mentioned but not the focus of the story

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