Aura Readings Shouldn’t Hurt–And This One Doesn’t

Aura Reading

Lorna, Aura Reading, 7 June 2014

Aura readings don’t hurt.  Really.  The fact that someone actually asked Nims if they hurt makes me smile.

The First Aura Reading, 6 November 2010

The first time Nims du Lac, who does aura readings, drawings, and clearings at the Anahata Holistic Healing and Spiritual Center in Naples, Florida, read me was in  6 November 2010. I was with my family and friends at the Florida Pagan Gathering (FPG), which is the only time I get to see Nims in person.  She’d read several other people staying in the cabin with me, and I was fascinated by the process.

But then, I’m always interested in how various energy workers experience energy.  I immediately go into interview mode to learn everything I can.  Do they see energy?   Hear it?  Feel it?  Smell it?

I watched eagerly as Nims slowly waved a hand in front of my daughter, from head to toe, seeing my teen’s aura as Nims moved a hand in front of her, almost as if she were wiping fog from a windshield to see through.   Nims later explained to me that she sees colors and objects in the aura this way.

She’d done several in a row, it was very late, and she was tired.   I didn’t want to burden her for one more, but I was obviously broadcasting, “Me!  Me next!  Don’t forget about me!  Hel-lo-oh!  Over here!”   Nims is a very gentle and thorough teacher, and there’s a nurturing kindness in her energy.  I always learn so much from our time together at FPG, and she made time for one more reading–mine.

The result  (shown at the bottom of this article) was underwhelming.  Not for anything that Nims had or had not done, but I felt my results were rather blah. Maybe that’s a little of how I felt spiritually right then.  No outer discernible shields, no bright colors, no guardian angels or protectors, just meh.  Hmmm, no boundaries either.

I was so sure that Nims would see something more colorful and interesting as I was in a new love relationship and feeling a little giddy.  She’d also read my Tarot cards earlier in the day and hadn’t seen any progression in that relationship for the next six months.  There was a lot of truth in what I learned that day, even if I didn’t put a lot of focus on it at the time.  I thought then that both of these incidences were disappointing, but I loved the aura readings and drawings I watched her do for others in our group.  They were much more impressive than mine, though I understand that the aura is constantly modulating and tells the story of the aura at that time.  It’s a snapshot of my aura.  All very interesting to me, even if my aura wasn’t blasting colorful greatness like everyone else’s.   (Yes, Nims, I’m joking here.)

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The Second Aura Reading, 7 June 2014

Around the 6th of June, I was chatting on Facebook with a couple of my favorite friends I see only at FPG when we ended up talking about our blogs, and Nims mentioned her blog of aura drawings.   I’d seen her notebook  of aura drawings back in 2010, but I didn’t realize she had a website!  Once I learned that she could read me remotely using a head-to-toe digital photograph, I got excited.   I’ve done a lot of work on myself since November 2010–especially in 2014–so I was curious to see what would show up in my aura now.

Nims has described my reading at the Auras by Nims blog under the Lorna June 2014 topic, and I’ve given her permission to include material that she would normally not blog, out of privacy.   I think it’s advantageous to those who learn from us to see exactly what a reading entails and what can be learned from it, even the more personal aspects of it.  Nims did leave out a few things that she’d passed along to me, specific messages that I understand and I understand exactly who is to help me with these areas, if not how.

But first…

What my Aura Reader Didn’t Know Before the Reading

I know there’s always doubt over the veracity of any energy reading that’s done long-distance, so let me tell you what was going on in my life at the time of the photo and Nims’ reading of it later that same day.  Then you can read her assessment at her blog and decide for yourself if she’s the real deal (she is).

1.  For the week or so before the reading, I’d been dealing with a work-related matter that was causing a lot of anxiety for me.   It’s mostly cleared in the last week and will be completely cleared by month end, but a week ago on 7 June when I snapped that photo, that anxiety was hanging over me like a black cloud.   I described it that way to a colleague.   It’s specific to me, to my own workload, and not something I can get a lot of help on from anyone who works for or with me.  Every time I would think about this particular matter, I would think, Oh, just make it go awayyyyyyyy.   Of course, it didn’t, and I had had to deal with it, including asking for support from my superiors at work.

2.  The day before and early in the morning of the photo, I was sporting a nasty sinus headache, courtesy of an incense that wasn’t particularly high quality.  I took some allergy meds, and by the time I took the photo, the headache had faded. I had not told anyone of my headache.

3.  Getting very personal now on the physical side with something else I’d not told anyone.  The night before the photo, I’d developed a lot of pain in my lower abdomen.  I’d assumed my pre-menopausal cycle was wonky and I was experiencing the onset of the Cramps from Hell.   The next morning, the pain was slightly worse. I later figured out, over the course of the next few days, that it was related to an allergic reaction to a particular food I’d eaten the night before the photo, an ingredient that I hadn’t realized was in my meal.  Once I figured out what the allergy was all about and medicated with herbal teas and juicing to reduce the inflammatory effects, the situation seems to have resolved itself.

4. My right arm was hurting a little.   Sometimes I overdo all that typing and suffer repetitive stress injuries.  I’ve been writing a lot in the last month.

5.  I constantly sense that I have a protector near me.

6.  I’ve been doing a great deal more esoteric work recently.  I always picture my work in the ether  and moving between the planes as a giant oak, ever since Kelley Harrell’s Gift of the Dreamtime where she described her shamanic journeys.  I’ve never told that to anyone.

7.  Someone confided in me some spiritual secrets recently.   I was never asked to keep them and I never promised to.   They’d be awesome information to give to students.  But…I knew intuitively that these were meant to be close-hold.  These secrets are related to the next step I’m to take on my own journey. And while I share as much as I can with those who wish to learn, some things must be kept close.  There was a related promise I made to this person, and as tempting as it may be to break, I will keep it.   It’s a matter of honor, and of respect.

8.  There are some past shadows I’ve been actively, aggressively trying to rid myself of.  It’s happening.   I blog to some extent about these things, but there’s quite a bit I don’t discuss at all.   This is part of my spiritual work, and I’m constantly “doing the work.”

9.  I have felt my spirituality leap forward as well as my ability to work with energy.  More than ever before. I can feel my own energy pulsating around me.

10. My shields feel strong, more defined than ever before. My boundaries are reinforced.

11.  Though there are still things I want to manifest for myself, I am overall rather content and serene.

12.  A decade ago, a High Priestess in the Black Forest Clan told me she couldn’t see my energy but could hear it.   I know how it sounds.

Of these things going on in my life at the time of the photo and aura reading, Nims might have been aware of 3 of them.  The additional messages she gave me confirmed where I felt my energies were, what’s ahead, the rightness of my path.   Go to Nim’s reading and compare her assessment with these 12 things that were going on in my life, and see what you think.  We thought it would be interesting to blog our different points of view on my 7 June aura reading.

And if there’s any doubt in how much I’ve gotten myself together in the last 3.5 years–especially the last .5 years–take a look at the first aura reading drawing below, from November 2010.

Aura Reading

Lorna, Aura Reading, 6 November 2010



ADDED:   At the moment where Nims connected energetically with me to do the reading while she looked at my photo, I felt the connection.  I was sitting with my mom in another state, watching TV with her, when I felt the “burn” in my face and less so in my arms.  I didn’t recognize the connector at the time and didn’t think it was Nims simply because she had said she didn’t think she’d get to it that soon.   For more on how energetic connections feel, read this post on energetic connections.