Open Letter to a Psychic Spy

Psychic Spy


Yes, I know who you are.  I know your name.  I know your profession.  I know your age and where you live.   I know what you look like.   And I know your secret.

There are millions of people on this planet that you could try that with and get away with it.  I’m not one of them.  You’re good at it, though.  I’ll give you that.   Your gift is authentic and strong.  Under other circumstances, we could have worked closely together.

What you probably don’t know about me is that I’m a high level empath and a High Priestess of the Morrigan, and that with recent esoteric work, I’m more intuitive now than I have ever been in my life.  I’ve been able to read energy for a long, long time, and I can recognize those that visit in the Ether.   Your energy signature is clustered on certain pages of my website, burned into the pixels there, but not on this post from 4 years ago or you’d know the mistake you made with me.

It’s not that probing me through psychic ability hasn’t been tried before.  I run in certain circles where mundane stalkers exist on a scale of 1-10 being simply irritating to possibly physically dangerous.  Real intuitives take stalking to a whole new level, 11 to 100.   Like others of us involved in The Mysteries who like our privacy–unless we choose to share as I am wont to do–I have my shields.   My first High Priestess taught me well the fun of giving an intruder a 3-day migraine.  Some like black tourmaline; others like sigils.  They’re all effective.   Personally, I prefer webs of fiction, so that you can’t tell which story I’m weaving.  Makes the outcome a bit of a surprise.  But I have my own private methods that, for obvious reasons, I won’t state here.   For a select few, I’m completely open and they are allowed to see anything and everything, good and bad, bold and embarrassing, strength and weakness, dark and light, right down to my deepest desires and greatest fears and all the obsessions in between.  One is a counselor I talk to once a month.   Occasionally, if I’m seeking counsel from someone else, I will grant them the same openness since it does no good to ask for counsel if I’m not willing to show them my heart and mind.  The chosen ones are all welcome to see at least for a specific time, maybe more.  For anyone else, the courteous thing to do is ask permission  (you know how) –or simply ask my intentions outright.   I’m rather open about what I want and how I perceive things.  If it’s any of your business, I’ll likely tell you.

This was not any of your business.   You didn’t ask permission.Empath Subscriber List

I understand that you were concerned for a mutual friend.  Admirable, perhaps, but with me, you need not be concerned.  It wasn’t your place to probe me for my intentions–that is an insight I openly offer to our friend, who is welcome to mix energies with me  and knows well that at times my emotions get jumbled and my thoughts derail, Pisces girl that I am.  I would never do this person harm.  I have known for a long time that this person and I have a soul agreement to help each other but I didn’t always know how.   It is becoming clearer.  This person is in service to humanity, and I have been led to be of service in this person’s mission in any way I can.   You wanted to know my intentions toward this person, my feelings, my thoughts, and just how clearly I see what this person is.  If this person wants to know any of those things, then that’s the person I’ll tell, even face to face. I strive for complete honestly.  I do not seek ownership.  Some things should never be owned, tamed, or tied down, and domination would destroy the beauty of what I see here and turn it into something ordinary.

What you did felt like mind-rape, a term I would never use lightly.  I do not believe it was an accidental wandering onto my territory.  Your energy signature had intention to it.   You caught me at a meditative moment, when I was most open to energetic connections, yet fully awake and fully aware.  I felt the rush of heat and energy, and you were before me.  Looking inside me.   Wanting to know what I wanted.   I have nothing to hide, and I wouldn’t have minded allowing you to see, but your probe was brutal.  Mundane folk probably never have any idea that you do that, but I’m “not like other mortals” in that regard (see if you recognize that quote).  I wonder how the mundane folk perceive your probing, if it hurts them.  It hurt me.

There’s just one thing you should know about your little quest to figure me out.  The door you open to someone else’s secret is the door to your own.   With me,  if not others, it’s a two-way connection.   You get to see where my head and heart are–and I get to see the same in you.

Like I said, don’t do it again. And be glad all I did was see your secrets on that two-way street.

I could have sent something nasty to follow you back.