The Importance of Finding the Right Reiki Master or Energy Healer (Part II)

Reiki Master

Marc Rice: Reiki Master, Rune Healer, Author, Meditation Instructor

Finding the right Reiki Master or energy healer isn’t just about locating someone with strong, clear energy and ethics.  It’s also about finding the right kind of healer for what ails you.  Whereas Reiki Master Tammy Binkley has a light touch and sparkly energy well-suited to smoothing my frazzled edges after a rough week at work, Marc Rice has a much different texture to his energy.  I needed someone who could put his hand through my chest and pluck out the bullet in my heart–pardon the Matrix-y image.

I had known Marc for at least three years when I first got the chance to work with him.  I’d subscribed to his YouTube channel on Rune Healing, watched his 200 meditation and Reiki videos, and read his book, but I’d never taken that last step to set up a session with him.  To be candid,  I had a jealous boyfriend and I couldn’t imagine explaining a chakra-balancing session with Marc to him.

I had met Marc in an online forum through a mutual friend and I’d been impressed with him as someone who knew what he was talking about, which is too often a rarity among metaphysical teachers.   As often happens with energy workers, I had a visual sense of his energy.  I saw him not as a sparkling fairy in a rainbow prism (Tammy) but as a sort of half human/half fallen angel, a badass protector walking between the worlds.  If you’ve ever seen a young adult dystopian movie, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Why I Needed a Badass Reiki Master


When I went through a bad breakup last fall, a concerned friend suggested I visit Marc to help me heal my broken heart.   I blew it off at the time, partly because I was too shaken to do much more than pull myself together and appear strong at work before retreating to my home and the questions that plagued me through every night.

By November, I didn’t know if I could stand it any more.   In previous breakups, the guy had left town–and that was hard enough–but having to see the man who’d broken my heart and his girlfriend almost daily at work and in my own neighborhood was just more than I could bear.   I couldn’t look out my office window, go for my usual walks at home, or drive to the grocery store without being reminded that life would never be the same. I had to do something, anything. I started making plans to move to a new town and start over, even though that meant leaving behind  friends, a house, and a job I love.   I couldn’t get “time away” enough to heal.

But I’m not one to run away, so I decided to try dating again.  I wasn’t looking for a replacement.  Just a distraction. November through February, I dated several men, two in particular.   One, I quickly recognized as a repeat of an old pattern and a disaster waiting to happen, but if I wanted a man in my house for the rest of my life, I could have had one…until his bad habits cost me my home.   I could have been married before Valentine’s Day, but my heart wants something so much more than just a legal permit.   The other person I dated through the winter was actually a very sweet man,  but it didn’t take long to realize that I wasn’t in love with him and never would be.

For one thing, I could no longer trust a man.   For another, my heart was still elsewhere…damn it.  Yet, I didn’t want any man touching me, physically or emotionally, ever again.

By February, I knew I had to see if Marc could help me.  I couldn’t keep carrying the pain with me, and seeing them together under my nose every day was destroying me.  I’d decided that I would simply live my life without a man and I knew I’d be okay.  Close down my heart for the rest of my life.  Not what I wanted, but what I felt was inevitable.  My faith in men had been crushed.  Not just one man, but all men.   And my faith in myself to pick a great guy?   That was now non-existent.

But this other part of me wanted to move on, to heal, to allow the possibility that a good man might be welcome in my life at some point.   I told myself I couldn’t’ dare hope for that, and I was okay with that, with being alone, but I needed to unburden myself of the pain.  If I was ever to find my serenity again–with or without a new man in my life–I needed to be clear of the pain.  And if there was the teensiest hope of a new relationship somewhere centuries down the road, it wouldn’t be fair to that person if I was still lugging the past behind me.  I’m a give-him-my-all kind of girl, and I’d never want a partner I had to hold back from.

So in February, I began making plans to visit Reiki Master Marc for a high-intensity healing session.  Then something new rocked my world.  I decided to paint several Rune symbols above the Runes that had been over my threshold for years.  I did this as a sign of taking my life to the next level.   One of those runes was Kenaz, for clarity.   The day after Kenaz first graced my doorway, clarity found me. Over  the next few days, I realized some rather disturbing patterns in the men I’d been attracting and in my own father, patterns I couldn’t break because I didn’t know they existed.  Just when I didn’t think my heart could take any more, I was faced with understanding my father’s mental illness and the violence I’d grown up in and never really realized how abnormal my formative years had been or how my romantic life had been affected.  It took me six weeks to work through enough of the  newest pain that I was ready to see Marc.  If I’d thought the job was too big for him before, I had no doubt now.  There couldn’t have been much of a heart chakra left to work with.

The Reiki Master  and his Healing Hands

I arranged a time with Marc for my session as well as a session for a friend who has migraines, and the two of us took a road trip to see Marc.   She went first.   I preferred it that way.   I was still a little unnerved by the idea of letting any man touch me.  Even though I’d made the arrangements to be there, I was still having trouble trusting him or anyone else, even Tammy.  I was to the point of going completely rigid if a man touched me, and I was worried that I would fight Marc once I crawled onto the massage table.   Not fight him physically, but energetically, shutting myself off energetically and refusing to allow his energy to mix with mine.  The one thing that convinced me was a brief vision, what I call a “flash,” of him in the future in a scenario that told me I was completely safe with him and that he would never hurt me.

We started with chakra breathing–something I’d never done.  The night before the road trip, my oak pollen allergies had hit me hard, and I was having a little trouble breathing until then.  As he worked with me, my allergy effects subsided.  As usual, I could feel the energy moving around my head, feeling very much like changes in air pressure in an airplane.  I was used to that.   As he worked on different chakras, I had no trouble breathing…until he reached my heart.   I can only describe the sensation as “uncomfortable,” uncomfortable in such a  way that I thought I’d leap off the table and run away or start choking or maybe screaming.   I fought to stay still and let him work, but it was almost unbearable.  For what it’s worth, I knew what he was doing.   I had not told him, prior to my arrival, what I needed him to do.  He just knew.   That was rare, but I’d been shielding my energy.  I hadn’t even told my friend who was in the room what I needed Marc to work on.

When I got off the table, I was a little light-headed and lighter-feeling.   I could tell a difference already.  I knew that energy had shifted inside me.  Something was flowing.

By the time my friend and I got home, I was zonked.   I had heard before–but it didn’t sink in right away–that energy work takes a day or two to be assimilated into the physical body.   I went to bed around 5PM and slept 27 hours over the next day and a half.  The third day, I woke feeling like all the pain had been a bad dream.   I felt vibrant and happy.  Serene.  All the things that had hurt so now seemed distant and even laughable.   Emotionally, I was in a wonderful place I hadn’t known in several years.  I felt…whole…again.   Seeing “them” together just made me shake my head and I could easily recognize that he wasn’t my problem anymore.   I felt like dancing in the sunshine.   Like spring had returned to my life.

Oh, and horny.  My gods.  A side effect of the energy unblocking and the healing but sheesh.  Really, Marc?  Really?   I decide not to date anymore and that I’m perfectly content and…THIS?   Thanks a bunch, Marc.  Heh.

It’s been over three weeks since Marc reconstituted my heart chakra.  All is well.  Life if good.   I am fine, just fine.

Marc was exactly the Reiki Master I needed for the job of metaphysical heart surgeon.