PLEASE HELP — Bootleg Copies of Pagan Cookbook

Magickly Delicious Cookbook

Hey, friends.  I need your help.  If you have a bootleg, pirated, or “free” version of Magick’ly Delicious on your website or server, whether a partial version from 2001 or the complete version, please delete it.

This book has been pirated (both partial and full versions) to the extent that Amazon is considering no longer carrying ir, meaning I cannot sell this ebook in the popular kindle format.

I’m dealing with pirates on an entirely different level, but here’s where I need your help.  Some people may believe the copy they have is legitimate because a partial version has been linked on several well-intentioned websites.  I believe that partial version to be  a sampler I gave to a few friends in 2001 under very specific circumstances, and prior to changes in technology that were not in our original intention. That was before file sharing and pdf searches that are common today.  One of file sharing sites links to a private link that cannot be seen on the individual’s website without the specific URL.  As crazy as it sounds, there was a time when people stored unlinked documents on their websites and thought they were hidden. I know a decade on the internet is like…400 years offline.  It’s a good reminder to think ahead to what might become of files we so casually put in the cloud today.

In any case, if you have a version of this book that you did not purchase and have shared it on your website, please take it down.  Help us save this book so Amazon will continue to carry it!  Thank you.

Here’s the full description:

Magick’ly Delicious: A Pagan Cookbook

by Lorna Tedder, Shannon Bailey, and Aislinn Bailey

Published by Spilled Candy Books

28 of our favorite recipes for esbats, sabbats, and other memorable feasts, including Beltane, Samhain, and Solstice. Originally published in the Gifts for the Goddess series.


Download the ebook  from Amazon Kindle now.


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