Kindle Serials – Jeff Bezos and I Have News

Wow, really?  Kindle serials?  If you’ve been reading this blog this week, you know how excited I’ve been about my latest publishing experiment.  It’s well after midnight and I’m seriously babbling, but I have to share the coincidence with my readers.

My Kindle Serial

On 2 September 2012, I released episode 1 of The Secret Lives of Librarians at Amazon.  Yes, a subscription novel. I released it in 2 ways, since Amazon didn’t really give me an option. One edition contains the first episode and will rise in price with each subsequent episode.  The ebook will automatically update as I add episodes, so the reader can enjoy them on a regular basis or stockpile the episodes for one long read later.  Seamless, no?

The other version of my serial release is through separate episodes.  The first Episode is already up under “The Key to Hell and Death” (episode 1 of The Secret Lives of Librarians).  This weekend, episode 2, “The Fourth Witch,” will be released as a separate ebook–as well as added to the automatic cumulative ebook.  Does that make sense?

I’m always experimenting so it just seemed like something new to try, especially for a book that’s longer than the Obama-Care package (just kidding…sorta). It’s closer to Game of Thrones in length.

One thing I like about Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is that he’s willing to experiment, too, and on 6 September 2012, Amazon announced that they’ll be publishing 8 kindle serial ebooks in 6 parts each, released every month.  It’s not quite the same set up as I’ve devised but not far off either.  Of course, I can’t take credit for developing the serial novel–that started a couple of centuries ago when episodes of novels appeared in newspapers, long before we watched our fiction on weekly TV.

Flying By Night novel

So are kindle serials something in the collective consciousness?  Since I released The Secret Lives of Librarians‘ first episode a few days ago, I’ve heard other authors talk of trying it, too.  And yes, I’ve tried it long ago on my website with a different novel, but this is the first of my KINDLE serials.

Let’s just say I’m really pleased to share a with with Jeff Bezos.  I’m also really tired, so I’ll take a tip from my complex characters and even more complex plot and say, “To be continued.”


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